Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

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If you are not using the FU Campus Wireless LAN, you need to login via a VPN player in order to access library services such as JSTOR and Ethnographic Video Online and Anthropology Online.

Download the VPN client Cisco Annyconnect here for:

Mac OSX:


IOS Iphone, Ipad:

After installation, connect to the Internet with the client and enter your FU Berlin name and password in order to use the library services.

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How can I get access to journal and ethnographic film sites like JStor and Alexander Street when I’m not at the university?

First, if you are trying to access the database from off-campus you will need to use the FU VPN. In the case you haven’t done this yet, here is the website with instructions for your particular OS.

Connect to the VPN

Then it works if you access the Alexander Street site THROUGH the FU Universitätsbibliothek site here.

JStor here:

Any and other databanks & online journals

Ethnographic Video Online

Anthropology Online

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How do I get a student accreditation for the Berlinale Film Festival?

If you wish to apply for a student accreditation for the Berlinale Film Festival taking place usually in February please contact by the latest, the last day in November.

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How can I get advice or critique on semester / thesis projects?

For critique and advice for specific semester works please contact your lecturer.  In addition to our weekly open Skype sessions on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm CET you can email Steffen or Mike and request for an appointment or skype/telephone call at an alternate time.


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What extra resources does the Freie Universitaet Berlin provide for students?

The Freie Universität offers a wide array of extra services

These are only a few of them:










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How can I stay up to date on the festivals, workshops and other events that are announced and offered to the institute?  

1.) Please visit

to sign up for our listserv 

2.) The news section on our program website 

3.) Our Facebook page

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How does the Film and Social Media Fund work?

You need to apply with your thesis proposal for the Social Film and Media Fund. Please write a maximum of half a page and describe why you need this social fund and list your expenses for your final project.

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How are thesis supervisors and MA students matched up?

After we received your thesis proposal (usually in December) with your ideas for your final project, the main MA staff will give you suggestions for thesis supervisors according to the best match of the specific research area of our professors and your research ideas/plans. Students can than agree or suggest another (guest)-professor from our staff team as their supervisor. 

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For guidelines and dates pertaining to the submission of MA theses for the current graduating class please visit:

Important Note for Those Who Apply for Extensions:
Only those students who have turned in their theses on time by the deadline are eligible to participate in subsequent screenings and / or exhibitions.  Regardless of any prior planning or organization for the screening or exhibit, this policy is in effect for any who do not make thedeadline set at the beginning of the 3rd semester.

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When do In House Classes generally take place?

The exact days change from year to year but usually Summer Semester In House classes run from the first week of April for approx. 2 weeks and for Winter Semester the second week in October for approx. 2 weeks. You can figure out the exact dates of the start of the new semester on this page where you can find the academic calendar with the dates for the “teaching activities period”.

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Who do I contact about the 3rd semester internship requirements and / or leads on acquiring one?

For information regarding the internship / replacement paper requirements please visit the Internship section in the Modules found here:

For resources / leads regarding the internship please contact

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What is the process for obtaining a letter of recommendation from a faculty member?

We require at the very least 4 weeks notice for a letter of recommendation.  It is very helpful when you can provide to whom and for what the letter is intended, as well as some topic points that you can suggest for the letter. It is always better to ask faculty members with whom you have had interaction with, i.e. who know your research and work ethic. To request a letter, please contact the intended person directly.

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Is there a media release form that I can download to use when I film / photograph for coursework and thesis projects?  

You can find a release form here: Media Release Form

However it is important to note that the filmmaker / photographer is responsible for working out the agreement and any issues relating to this with your protagonists. We are just supplying you with the form.

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For an overview of what online classes are taught in which semester, and which are graded, please click to download the Program Structure HERE. 

For more detailed information on all in-house (non-graded) and online (non and graded courses.) please visit

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What audio / visual equipment is available for rental?

A list of available equipment can be found here: Equipment List

All technical equipment mentioned on the list can be borrowed at:

Andreas Solty, Medienservice

Otto-Suhr Institut (OSI)

Ihnestraße 21

14195 Berlin

ground floor left, glass box in front of library.

Opening hours:

Mo-Fri.: 9:45-10:15




Please send Mr. Solty a mail (

with a list of technical equipment you need (at least one week before you want to use it).

Since he does not speak English it would be good to write in German. (Template below).

Be aware that it’s a first come first serve basis so try to reserve as early as possible!

You are allowed to borrow a camera for fieldwork purposes 

but for no longer than four weeks. Exceptional cases can be discussed with Mike Terry: mike.terry@fu-berlin.deStudents are responsible for buying their own SD, CF, etc. cards.

In addition the video cameras we have at OSI we also offer one

Canon SLR camera (60D) 

with a Canon EF 17-55mm 1:2,8 lens

and a EF 35mm f/2 IS USM  fix lens and  a lens Hood

one LED light panel Prolux PLXBi 145

GoPro Hero 2

Email for this particular equipment.

Template in German for your E-mail to the Media Service

Lieber Herr Solty,

mein Name ist ___________________________________

My name is

und ich studiere im MA Programm Visual and Media Anthropology

I am studying in the MA Porgram Visual and Media Anthropology

Ich würde mir gerne bei Ihnen vom________________________ bis 


folgende Technik ausleihen:

I would like to borrow from                    to

The following technical equipment

Ist diese Technik während dieses Zeitraums vorhanden?

Is the equipment available during those time?

Wenn ja würde ich das Equipment gerne am___________________________ bei Ihnen abholen. 

If yes, I would like to borrow it at this date: 

Lassen Sie mich bitte wissen, welche Uhrzeit Ihnen am besten passen würde.

Please let me know, which time is suitable for you

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

many thanks in advance

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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How do I go about getting my semester ticket reimbursed?

In order to obtain a reimbursement of your semester ticket, please visit this site to download and fill out this form and send it to the indicated address at the bottom of the form including your semester ticket. (From your blue sheets.)  Even if you are not planning on being in Berlin for the semester, the university requires that you pay for the ticket upfront and then apply for a reimbursement through the Asta FU.

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Where do I pay my semester and tuition fees?

Tuition and Semester Fees are paid to the following account:

Account Holder: Freie Universitaet Berlin

Code Number / BLZ: 100 708 48

Account Number: 51 21 64 503

Reason for Payment / Booking reference: Neu_vismed_YourName  E.g. // (Neu_vismed_Terry)


IBAN: DE 09 1007 0848 0512 1645 03

Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank PGK AG

Adress of Bank: Unter den Linden 13-15, 10117 Berlin, Germany

University semester fees are subject to change from semester to semester.  Please visit the following address for the current amount.

For more information on tuition fees please visit:

For any questions regarding payments please contact the Office Manager Ms. Annika Jost:

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Who do I contact for help with student and resident visa issues?


As well as your home embassy and / or German Embassy in your country. 

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For each course please refer to the lecturer's instructions regarding the format and exact specifications regarding your written projects. For further reference please visit:

Visual and Media Anthropology MA Publication Style Guide:

Freie Universität Berlin Style Guide Resource:

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Where do I go if I am having technical issues with my FU-Berlin email, Zedat Account, Blackboard, etc.?



CMS:, Tel: 0049-(0)30-83854900

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Who do I contact for transcripts and/or proof of payment letters for visa appointments, scholarship requests, etc.?

For transcripts and letters confirming enrollment please contact

For proof of payment documents please contact the Office Manager, Frau Annika Jost at

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