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Generation 1

Generation 8: Graduation 2017

1. Ahmed El Kadi: MA Thesis "Between Dreams and Reality: The Dance of Survival."

2. Blake Kendall: MA Thesis "Aliens Wachting the Eco System."

3. Brian KP Karp: MA Thesis "Expectations Surrounding Birth. Contemporary Western Personification Rituals for Perinatal Grief in the Context of Biomedicine"

4. Carlo Paolucci: MA Thesis "Is the population aging the next social problem? The Symbolic Alienation of the Experience of Growing Older in Atalian Residential Care Facilities."

5. Carmen Belaschk: MA Thesis "Musikalische Erinneringen an eine Kriegsgeneration - Drei Lebensgeschichten aus Berliner Alterseinrichtungen."

6. Caroline Bertram: MA Thesis "For Gods and Heads: Imaginations and perceptions about hair as sacrificial offering turned commodity."

7. Céline Burnand: "Ophidian practices in Egypt."

8. Dario Bosio: MA Thesis “Of Hopes and Borders: the struggle for agency among migrants facing an enforced stop on their route.”

9. Dongjoo Seo: MA Thesis "Mediating the world of the mind."

10. Elizabeth Glauser: MA Thesis "The Culture of Paperwork: a study of Pakistani migrants’ experience of bureaucracy in the German asylum seeking system."

11. Ellen Lapper: MA Thesis "Postcolonial Paradoxes: A visual ethnography of British AngloIndians in South London."

12. Giulia Sandri: MA Thesis "In search of depth. Autoethnorgraphy of four months with no visual aids."

13. Henry Denyer-Simmons: MA Thesis "Pocket Picking: Young Men & Gambling in New South Wales, Australia."

14. Joanna Sleigh: MA Thesis "Digital Data Shadow Donation: A digital anthropological study."

15. José Pablo Guzmán: MA Thesis "Exploring the notion of Neuroanthropology in young architects."

16. Kate Blackmore: MA Thesis "Objects of Resistance: The colonial debate surrounding the ownership of the Gweagal spears."

17. Lea Sorth: MA Thesis "Love and Boarders. Immigration laws in Denmark for Family Reunification."

18. Nadim Boughanmi: MA Thesis "Iron Bubbles. Enclaves of Common Understanding in Bangkok – an ethnography on modern day expatriation in Thailand´s capital."

19. Maren Wickwire: MA Thesis "„Staying Strong“: Preacrity and Self-determination among Filipino Migrant Workers in Cyprus."

20. Olivier Llouquet: MA Thesis "Hope and resilience in suspended time. The case of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the United Kingdom."

21. Pamela Slass: MA Thesis "Kuuki o youmu and omoiyari in Situ: Lived Experience of Sensed Communication in Present Day Tokyo."

22. Rika Febriyani: MA Thesis "High-Rise Living in Jakarta and the process of making home."

23.Suzanne Beukes: MA Thesis "An exploration of the experience of black comedians trying to `to make it` in South Africa´s mainstream comedy scene."

24. Ursula Sommer: MA Thesis "Whose Land? A critical ethnography of protest."

25. Valerie von Kittlitz: MA Thesis "Thriftless Fashions, Hopeful Revolutions: Motivations of Movement Makers in Digitally Networked Activism."

26. Xiao Jing Ji: MA Thesis "Curtain Call on Chinese Traditional Opera in Chin. A research in Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe."

27. Yoonha Kim: MA Thesis "Mixed Reality Fashion. A visual anthropological research on fashion design practice in between virtual and physical reality."

28. Zeid Deeb: MA Thesis "Dreams Extended.“

Generation 7: Graduation 2016

  1. Anahis Sanchez Teran: MA Thesis "The Mirror." Film.

  2. Anna Grundensten: MA Thesis "Fragments." Film.

  3. Anne Chahine: MA Thesis "Memory Is Not About The Past." Exhibition.

  4. Belina Xu: MA Thesis: "The Origin Tapes." Film.

  5. Bridgette Borm: MA Thesis "Waiting For The Tide To Turn." Exhibition.

  6. Carolina Betancourt: MA Thesis "On Earth And Healing." Film.

  7. Deepak Tolange: MA Thesis "Dust." Film.

  8. Gregory Latham: MA Thesis "In The Crowd." Film.

  9. Gretchen Faust: MA Thesis "Take Care Y'all." Film.

  10. Jeff Coons: MA Thesis "The Mills." Film.

  11. Jie Liang Lin: MA Thesis "The Zhuang Appellation: A Story Of Assimilation." Film.

  12. Jonas Blume: MA Thesis "We Live Online." Exhibition.

  13. Juan Riumallo Grüzmacher: MA Thesis "Onkel Günter." Film.

  14. Kin Lok Wong: MA Thesis "The Stories Of The Island Village." Film.

  15. Luisa Orduno: MA Thesis "Dreams And Memories: Illustrating The Wetlands." Exhibition.

  16. Melody Howse: MA Thesis "Up All Night." Exhibition.

  17. Michaela Lola Abrera: MA Thesis "Children Of Neon." Exhibition.

  18. Monica Toledo Fraginals: MA Thesis "For The Love Of Mole." Film.

  19. Nate Tjoeng: MA Thesis "The Digital Promise." Film.

  20. Randav Adhikari: MA Thesis "The Song Of Woe, We Offer To Steeps." Film.

  21. Sara Wiederkehr Gonzalez: MA Thesis "Wetland Stories." Exhibition.

  22. Sharmeela Harris: MA Thesis "Radical Routes." Exhibition.

  23. Yun Ke: MA Thesis "DayFly." Film.

Generation 6: Graduation 2015

  1. Ambrosi Turbay, Luisa: MA thesis and film project. title will follow. 
  2. Andreea Campeanu: MA Thesis: “Women and Political Art in Romania.” Photographic Exhibition. Romania.
  3. Bita Babolian: Denying and Acceptance of Body. Beyond Woman's Self-Immolation in Iran. Virtual Exhibition.
  4. Chloe Elliot Hughes: MA Thesis: “The Art of War.” Written thesis with audio/visual material. Australia.

  5. Eugenia Seriakov: “Performing the Summit – The G7 Summit and its Impact on the Local.”  Video Installation. Austria. 
  6. Erickson, Heidemarie: Authoring Loss: In-between crossing borders (written thesis). I am not here (film). 
  7. Ivan Jevic: “Mind If I Smoke While You’re Eating?” Film. Found Footage.

  8. Jóhanna Björk Sveinbjörnsdóttir: “Underneath the Shieldshaped Mountain, the Helicopter, and the Sun.” Multi-media Installation. Greenland.

  9. Juan Sebastian Gómez: “Development Narratives of Colombia’s Sumapaz Farmers: Sumapaz Agrarian Union.”  Colombia.

  10. Karly Domb Sadof: “Land of a Thousand Likes: Understanding Thai Visual Media Consumption on Instagram in Bangkok.” Photographic and mixed media installation.  Thailand.

  11. Laura Jordan Montejo: “A GoPro Ethnography. Recollections of a Personal Journey Across Visual Representations with Anatilde Rojas.”  Film: “Sobremesas.” Columbia. 

  12. Marcela Vanega: Breathe. Film. Columbia, Germany.

  13. Mary Zweifel: “Adamou Moves: An Audiovisual Ethnography Exploring Migration as a Rite of Passage.Film: “Adamou Moves.” Germany.

  14. Miona Paskulov: “Public Lives of Our Wombs. The Importance of Motherhood in Serbia and the Social Pressure to Become Mothers.”  Film: “Public Lives of Our Wombs.” Serbia. 

  15. Molly Willows: “Before the Wave: A written thesis with the Moken of Koh Phayam” Film: “Before the Wave.” Thailand. 

  16. Nena Hedrick: “Rattle them Bars: Radio Appropriation, Self-Identity and the Senses in the Audiovisual Counter-Narrative of East Texas Prisons. Multi-media installation.  USA. 
  17. Lecat, Paul: MA thesis. photography work
  18. Nerid Eliézer Solórzano Mejía: “Besides the Defense of Territory: Indigenous Identity and Territory in the Case of the Coca Community of Mezcala de la Asunción, Mexico” (written thesis) Title of Film: The Defense of Territory.  Mexico

  19. Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen: “Sensory Ethnography and the Self – New Models for Personal Journeys.” Film: Hungarian Lullaby. Norway, Austria, Hungary.

  20. Riccardo Buck: “Parole de Figlio.” Film. Italy. 

  21. Roger Horn: “These Objects, Those Memories: Female Migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa.”  Film: “These Objects, Those Memories.” South Africa. 

  22. Ruth Sherman: “Transcend-Dance: The Life of a Dancer, the Language of Dance.” Film. Germany

  23. Sebastiàn Osorno Chàvez: MA thesis: “Privileged Senses: An Intersubjective Anthropological Study of Body Senses’ Education on Bogota’s Upper Class.” Photographic and Video Installation.  Colombia.

  24. Sungeun Kim: “The Memory of the 25th Hour: Visualizing Gangjeong Struggle.” Film: “The 25th Hour.”  South Korea.

  25. Teresa Tiburcio Jimenez: Berlin. Wie, bitte? An exploration of the construction of online platforms for mutual support of young Spanish immigrants in Berlin.

Generation 5: Graduation 2014

  1. Abekasis, Meital: MA thesis: The Power of the Oppressed. MA film: Father. Land. Israel 56 min., OmeU
  2. Aino, Eluned Zoe: MA thesis: "Twice opon a time. Fairy tale as means of transmitting culture through appropriaton and retelling in contemporary Czech Society" Film: "Spalicek rodin. A miscellany of families". 37:00 Min. Czech, Engl with Engl subtitles. Czech Republic 2014.
  3. Amundsen, Vidar Lien: MA thesis: "Northern Love Stories. A visual ethnography of love". MA film: "Northern Love Stories"  32:31 min. Norwegian with engl. subtitles, Norway 2014.
  4. Cheong, Kin Man: MA thesis and film: Uma Ficcao Inútil (A useless fiction): A Native Manifesto. Macau 2014.
  5. Dael, van Loek: MA thesis and photography project: Authority Legitimization in Religious Terms. On the Buddhist Engagement with Discourses of Authority in Contemporary Thailand.
  6. Faux, Chloé: MA theis: "Inter/Views: (Re)Visions of Asylum." MA Fim project: Inter/Views, 36:00 Min
  7. Hoppe, Leyla: MA thesis and video installation: Breaking Routines. Dance Improvisation as Act of Challenging Quotidian Patterns.
  8. Karim, Igor Omar de Araujo Abdel: MA thesis: "The four Bodies of a Camera: reflections about the ontological cine-eye or how the camera speaks through words." MA film project: "Three Bodies of a Camera" 33:00 Min, English and Portuguese with Engl subtitles, Brazil & Germany 2014
  9. Ledésert, Come: MA thesis: Waiting rituals in Lampedusa. An alternative visual approach of an overexposed place by media. MA film: "Persisting Dreams", Italian with engl. subtitles, Italy 2014.
  10. Narang, Smeeta: MA thesis: “Identity and Emotion: Urdu Language, Poetry and Mushaira”, Title of film: “Mushaira: Unity of Spirit”
  11. Nsiah, Jacqueline. MA thesis: "Returning from Exile"
  12. Osthues, Claudia: Master thesis: Maternal Leave. Cultural Concepts of Motherhood and Fatherhood and their Impact on Paternal Leaves in Germany
  13. Petri, Vlad: MA thesis: "The anthropology of the revolutionary public space in Romania. Visual representations of the protest". Film: "United, We Save Rosia Montana" 26 Min, Romania 2014. Romanian with engl. subtitles.
  14. Phillips, Cristian: MA thesis: "Exchanging Intimacies: Self-Pornographic Representations"
  15. Pitkänen, Vera Helena: MA thesis and photography project: "A glimpse into the divine. A visual study of girls' experience in vodun convents in the border are of Benin and Togo".
  16. Robey-Lawrence, Ariana: Master thesis and video installation: "Shaking habits: an exploration of collaborative production, positioning, and praxes among  self-proclaimed female or feminist electronic music producers".
  17. Rosengren, S. Mathilda: Master thesis and video installation: "Urban planning, perception and power in the city of Gothenburg"
  18. Rhou, Chaymaa: MA thesis: Male violence against prostitutes in Morocco. MA film: Nadya. 21:36 Min. OmeU, Morocco 2014.
  19. Scherffig, Clara Miranda: MA thesis: "In Between Gioviannis. Situating the Lampedusian Space within narratives of labour". MA film: "In Between Gioviannis" 20:00 min. Italian with Engl subtitles. Italy 2014
  20. Stallforth, Manuel: MA thesis: Femen - The body as protest. MA Film: Femen
  21. Sturny, Mario: MA thesis: "Umgesiedelt - Rehoused. An Inquiry on the Notion of Heimat" MA Film project: "Umgesiedelt - Rehaused" 40min. German with engl. subtitles, Germany 2014
  22. Turk, Ramazan: MA thesis: "Pontus in Occident - Behind a historical society of Black Sea, and their music culture" MA Film project: "Pontus in exile: Radio Akrites" 35min. Greek, German and Turkish with English subtitles, Greece & Turkey 2014

Generation 4: Graduation 2013

  1. Abdollahian, Asal Akhavan: LIMBO: A shared visual anthropological research with a refugee in Berlin
  2. Bage, Karin: Una Conexión. An Exploration of Grassroot Environmental Mobilization among U.S. Latinos in Silicon Valley, California (thesis and film)
  3. Bologna, Juliana: Romaria dos Cavaleiros de Santana (Resisting and Renewing over Time) (thesis and film: Cavaleiros de Santana, 35min. Brazil)
  4. Borrmann, Josefine M.: A Question of PErspective - A self-reflective analysis (thesis and film)
  5. Dragone, Francesco: Shared Visions: A Collaboration on Artistic Practice  (thesis and film)
  6. Frucht, Katarina: Coffee Talks (thesis and film)
  7. Goldmann, Jordana: Understanding Together - Using visual research methods to improve understanding between health care providers and patients in the clinical setting (thesis and film)  
  8. Hovsepian, Krista: A Case Study of the North American Vinyasa Yoga Diaspora: How do long-term practitioners perceive their yoga practices's influence on positive changes in their lives? (thesis and film: "Flow") 
  9. Ianni, Clara: Mothers: Construct - History (thesis and film)
  10. Laranjeiro, Catarina: We, the War (thesis and film: "Pavia de Ahos") 
  11. Libermann, Tami: NAPPS: Memoire of an Invisible Man (thesis and film)
  12. McKelvy, Liana: Potlatch and The Art of Giving (thesis and film)
  13. Moore, D. E.: I.f ARE: Becoming Still Movement - A Visual Research Project with the Korean Border  (thesis and film: "Dansumae")
  14. Ólafsdóttir, Halla: Books with Remoulade: Visual research on the sense of place - Neriusaaq Bookshop in Tasiilaq, East Greenland (thesis and film)
  15. Palmer, Amber: Discussion of Cultural Relativism: A Failed Perspective in an Ethnocentric World (thesis and animation film: "Cultural relativism: A discussion from an outside perspective, 30min.)
  16. Pape, Johan Ask: Under Pressure: A complex relation (thesis and film)
  17. Ryba-Kahn, Sharon: Mechanisms of Israel's National-Collective Identity-Construction (thesis and film: "Seeds of Identity")
  18. Scott, Sarah Jane: Diary of a Place (thesis and film)
  19. Terry, Mike: OCCUPATION: Structures of the Berlin Brigade (thesis and photography exhibition)
  20. Toiviainen, Mikko: The Organisation of Space on a Migratory Island (thesis and film)
  21. Vendelbo, Mai: "Look here. Look. Such a child you have never seen before" (thesis and film)
  22. Zaremba, Julia: Fishing and Beyond (thesis and film)

Generation 3: Graduation 2012

  1. Ali, Manizhe: The Passion for Hussain/Mourning Rituals of Sia Muslims in Pakistan
  2. Cahana, Kitra: Photo essay: Traveling Kids; and written thesis: The Making of Nomadic Thought in the Traveling Kid Community
  3. Corbett-Ashby, Emma: Creating Narratives of Recovery in a Culture that Glorifies Addiction and Self Destruction (audio-installation and written thesis)
  4. Ferrari, Sara: Between Chagra and the Minimarket: Of How a Huitoto Woman Survives in the Amazon of the Twenty First Century
  5. Flynn, Rick: Golf Alpha Yankee – An Investigation of Life as a Gay Iranian Refugee in Turkey (film project and written thesis)
  6. Foteinou, Elina: This is What Democracy Looks Like! -Fragments of an Occupied Reality
  7. Fylaktos, Eleftherio: Café Finovo - Geschichten fürs Leben / Stories for Life
  8. Gallo, Raffaele: Image and Memory
  9. Hoffmann, Lorenz: Generation „Maybe“ – Life as a Gamble
  10. Jaramillo, Alejandro: Tales Coconuts Tell: The cultural trajectory of a commodity among the Guna of Mulatupu, Guna Yala
  11. John, Thomas: Media and Art Practices as Articulations of Indegenous Contemporaneities in Chiapas
  12. Kivelä, Tiina: No Tar Sands, No Pipelines, No Tankers on our Coast: Building a Grassroots Environmental Movement in Vancouver, British Columbia
  13. Morey, Stephane: ICF: Marketing for Jesus. Oxymorons of an Evangelical Ethnographer
  14. Paschoud, Cecilia: In Between The Outward Bound. Teenage Rites of Passage
  15. Rossner, Lidia: IN PROGRESS: CONSTRUCTING CULTURE.Voices behind a collaborative exhibition making process.
  16. Sekulovic, Ramona: A Place to go Someplace Else. Film project: Humans are Here Too
  17. Skok, Alexia: Life in Limbo: The Forced Repatriation and State-imposed Identity Management of Kosovo´s Roma and Ashkali Communities (thesis and photography project)
  18. Smith, Emily: DEEP ROOTS, DORMANT BRANCHES. Collections, Collaboration and Intergenerational Perspectives. An ethnographic visual research project in Eastern Germany
  19. Snoek, Lisa: Organizing Freedom - How Can Ruigoord Exist Without an Ambiguous Organizational Structure (thesis and film project)
  20. Tabbers, Julie: Sense of Light (thesis and film project)
  21. Wichmann, Amanda: Betwixt & Between. Children of the Valley

Generation 2: Graduation 2011

  1. Beyer, Laura Caecilia (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Gert-Matthias Wegner, second assesor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Buddhist Philosophy within German Business Management
  2. Cunha Fiuza, Beatriz (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Building a Community with Care
  3. la Cour, Eva  (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) A Tour with Maxi Taxi in Longyearbyen
  4. Detalle, Benoît (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Glued
  5. Devkota, Fidel (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Climate change and ist Socio-cultural Impact in the Himalayan Region of Nepal – A visual Documentation / Film: Shambala. A story of paradise lost, 50min. Nepal 2011.
  6. Dusan, Petkovic (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) The Roundabout. Evanescence of a Public Space in Lilongwe, Malawi
  7. Ferreira, Ana Elisa Estrela (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Reading the World: Viewing Youth and Adults in Literacy Process
  8. Jacobs, StarLynn Marie (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Living Color Living Sound: Auto-ethnography from an American Rainbow (thesis and film project)
  9. Kapaki, Maria (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second assessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Digital Death and Digital Suicide
  10. Kiani, Sarah (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) One Big Holiday
  11. Leszkowicz, Milena (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Staging, Framing, Rembering: An investigation about everyday life with photographs and photography In combination with the film: „It’s the past“
  12. Ma, Hongshan (first assessor: Dr. Thorolf Lipp, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). Between Idealism and Reality: The Dilemmas Encountered by an Eco-museum in China
  13. Mahr, Yulia (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Reel Lives: Fiction Film and Anthropology
  14. Mertens, Nora (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) On the Industrialization Process, (Hawaiian) Indigenous Sustainability and a Methodological Change in Anthropological Research / Film: Perspectives on Aloha, 45 min. Hawaii 2011.
  15. Omrani, Arjang (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Home in Transcultural Condition. An Experimental Practice in Shared an Collaborative Anthropology
  16. Procopio, Silvia (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Grassroot Goups and Climate Change (thesis and film project)
  17. Quintarelli, Elena (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). Beyond Transnational Migration: Mobility and New Forms of Migration Among Italien Woman in Berlin.
  18. Rochat, Jeanne-Salomé (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). The Practice of Art and the Act of Documenting
  19. Sheikholeslami, Aida (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Welcome Home. A master’s thesis on Cultural identity and migration: An auto-ethnographic study
  20. Trebbin, Alina (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). Berlin, Vistas (photogrpahy thesis project)
  21. Voigt, Christina (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Virtual Nature and Landscapes (thesis project)

Generation 1: Graduation 2010

  1. Becker, Tobias (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Vertikale Wildnis. Imagination und Verortung am Bugarach und Canigou (Thesis and photography project)
  2. Dürr, Karin (First assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming) Visual Biography. Filming the outside is coming closer to the inside (Thesis and film project)
  3. Feijó, Diamantino (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second acessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Angola: Stories of a Colonized People. (Thesis and Film project: "Angola does not belong to anybody")
  4. Fox, Samantha (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second acessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) I feel Brandenburg (Master thesis and photography project)
  5. Fredrich, Marie-Claire (first assessor: Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming) Woman with the video camera. Collaborative Film Project with the Gulabi Gang – Female Rights Movement in Bundelkhand, India.
  6. Javdani, Sadaf (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) No country for young men. Thesis and Film project
  7. Joosu-Palu, Tiina  (first assessor: Dr. Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Applied Visual Anthropology and Development Communication: Participatory Video and Education-Entertainment Projects Targeting Social Change
  8. Lässer, Anna  (First assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming) Cohesion of Abdou's Brotherhood. Migrating from Dakar to Madrid (Thesis and Film project)
  9. Marks, Günter (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Rapatured Spaces. Visual approach to embodied experiences in conflict-zones. A theory of a walking tour in the West-Bank. (Thesis and film project: "Walking with Heritage")
  10. Marsden, Pauline (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second acessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Photography to promote social Aims. The use of photographs as a PR instrument by social organisations and the practical example of the German Development Service (DED) in Vietnam (59 pages, photography calendar)
  11. Möpert, Kay (first assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming) Framing the social space of indigenous Kamchatka. The state of family reproduction among the indigenous small people of the North (INSPN) in the post-Soviet era (thesis and film project: "The inner Kamchatka)
  12. Röckelein, Caroline (first assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming) Finders Keepers. Dreamless Sleepers. A project about Burmese expatriates living and working in Thailand on a rubbish dump (Thesis and Film project)
  13. Stempel, Anna (First assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming) Heimat in times of Globalization. (Thesis and Film project: Home stories, Pal, 36min., with engl. subtitles)
  14. Tscholl, Martin (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Das Andere der Ordnung. Ein ethnographischer Film über das Erleben von Sinnkonstruktion vor dem Hintergrund der kulturphilosophischen Moderne des Abendlandes (Thesis and Film project: "Das andere der Ordnung")