Generation 6 - >To_From< [BetweenUs]

Saturday the 19th of April at 17.00, at Keller, on Karl-Marx Strasse 52, Neukölln.

Some have come to understand war-art, others tried their luck deconstructing instagram. From mythology to smartphone-storytelling, this exhibit is our path from and to discovery. The works are complementary to the academic work of the students’ first semester. The exhibition serves as an added way for the students living around the world to collaborate across borders.

Incorporating self-reflexive methods, each project represents "balance" from myriad angles and global localities. Using creative anthropological methodology to address specificities under the umbrella of [un]balance, topics range from political issues in South Korea, a comparison of the impact of the financial crisis on Bogotá and New York, and Serbian
emigration. Projects will be presented in a range of formats, including film and video, photograph, and audio installations.

please find a trailer here:


Luisa Ambrosi - Andreea Campeanu - Sebastián Osorno Chávez - Heidi Erickson - Nena Hedrick -Karly Domb Sadof - Eugenia Seriakov - Jóhanna Björk Sveinbjörnsdótti

Priviledged sense / Sebastián Osorno (R-4)
Priviledged Senses was an experimental project that combined visual anthropology methods, ethnography, and self-ethnography with portrait production in analog photography. Traditional anthropology subjects became here active producers of the audiovisual outcome of this project, of which main objective was inquiry about body senses education in Bogota’s upper class education. The performative anthropological experience allowed us to stage six portraits that represent power legitimacy and body senses education in this specific context. It is the result of a very collaborative process whose formal structure pretends to counter balance the sociocultural structure that studies and represents.

Women & political art / Andreea Campeanu (R-5)
For the last four months, I photographed young Romanian female artists who are doing political arts.

Authoring loss / Heide Erickson (R-6)
Short description: You fell into a space and time stopped. Language is trying to define you. Are you being subjected by the world around you? Determine your interlocation.

Stories from the past - Yaúnchu aujmátsamu - Historias del pasado / Luisa Ambrosi (R-7)
Yaúnchu aujmátsamu (stories from the past) is the term that the Shuar people used to refer to the stories that recount the experiences lived by the ancestors, which have been transmitted orally from generation to generation. This project has some of my experiences searching for those stories, kept by Shuar people in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Battle them Bars, a prison ethnography on a prison radio show / Nena Hedrick (R-9)

Short description: Centered on a year spent helping with the production of an East Texas prison radio show, Rattle Them Bars is a multimedia installation exploring an experimental, multi-vocal counter conversation about the prison system. This research explores the ways in which communication is a sensory experience and asks the questions; in what ways does long-term solitary confinement affect one's sense of self-identity and what is the role of The Prison Show in this relationship? Through audio-visual exploration and montage of field footage, voices of families speaking to prisoners, and letters and art from prisoners in solitary confinement, the work attempts a more visible and sensorial counter narrative to the one structured by the carcereal institution.

Under the shieldshaped mountain / Jóhanna Björk (R-12)

Short description: Tsumu? I asked the children in Kulusuk, East Greenland, when they came to my storytelling workshop, “Where do we go?” The workshop was offered in September 2014 and the summer of 2015. Under the Shieldshaped Mountain is a video-installation, mediating the results of my visual ethnography with these children, where we used their smartphones to find, record and share their stories and world-views.

Performing the Summit / Eugenia Seriakov (R-2)

Nowadays summits increasingly tend to be [...] Non-events. (Giorgio La Malfa) The multi-channel video installation consists of three portraits, each of them document the debate on the authority over the area around Schloss Elmau, the place where the latest G7 summit took place. Every video represents one perspective of those, who are actively involved in the summit's performance to make it an event the locals, the police, the demonstrators. Who owns the place and what happens to a village when it becomes the scenery of global economic disputes.

Land of a Thousand Likes / Karly Domb (R-3)

This study examined Thai visual media con- sumption on Instagram by active users in Bangkok over a 90-day period from May 2015 -September 2015. The project, through ethnographic research conducted online and offline, found that the consumption of visual media on Instagram in Bangkok is deeply rooted in ancient and traditional elements of Thai society. These cultural elements include the Buddhist notion of Bun Khun, the Thai concept of Jai Yen, and a culture of social hierarchy that stems from Thailand’s history of patron-client relationships. By seeking to understand these sort of localized and culturally determined behaviors, traditional media outlets may be able to broaden their reach and attract new audiences on the new-and ever growing--media landscape.