Rick Flynn

Filmmaker, Musician, Mountaineer





82.          exist, nyc  

               learn to walk, talk, french kiss, ride subway alone...   


00-5.      bachelor of music / new york university  

              perform, coach singers, conduct choirs  

              write, direct, and produce theater / nyc  

              study alternative medicine   


05-8.      half-year trip across america: find best dessert  

              study photography, film, and psychology:  

              new york university, int'l center of photography  

              rutgers university, university of utah  

              remote wilderness and leadership training:  

              national outdoor leadership school  

              explore anthropology  

              win stuff  

              lose stuff  

              learn html, css, flash, javascript, et al  

              freelancer: web stuff, portrait stuff, music stuff  

              expedition / remote southern chile (almost die several times)  

              cook calzones from scratch, 600 miles from anything  

              adjunct professor / fordham university  

              program director / beginnings workshop / nyc, la, london  

              produce first film   


08-10.      assistant director / short and feature films / nyc  

                cameraman, editor, consultant  

                direct and produce photo and film projects


10-now.   berlin  

                master in vma at fu  

                talk german  

                make films and pictures  


                learn how not to walk until the light turns green   


next.     suggestions and job offers welcome   


study.     the space between ethnography and fiction  

                culturally accepted abuse  

                esp when directed at actions which don't affect others  


                perception of reality  

                societal margins