Meital Abekasis


Contact: meital.bux[at]

Nationality: Israeli

A Filmmaker - director and producer.

Born in 1979, in the south of Israel. Daughter of Jewish Moroccan immigrants.
Has a B.A in Film & Television studies from Sapir Academic College in Sderot, Israel. Her Film "White Walls"
(2005) won at festivals worldwide, and is considered one of the landmark in the representation of the Mizrahi women in the Israeli cinema.

Based in Berlin since 2010.
In 2012 was part of the first Israel Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.  The Festival took place 18-21 October 2012 in Kreuzberg, Berlin(

Interview with Meital Abekasis for the Israeli Film Festival:
Link to "White Walls"

Work Experience:  








Executive Producer "A Future in Friendship" Project

Co-production by Berlin Germany and Sderot, Israel. A  production of short films by a group of film students from Germany and Israel about the future of the two states.  Special screening was held in Berlin during the International Holocaust Day for  the historical visit of the President of Israel, Shimon Peres in Berlin.


Director of Diploma Projects , Department of Films and Television,

Sapir Academic College

This job required high managing skills, understanding and experience in all stages of film productions - Pre Production and Post Production.

Guidance and supervising all final production – From the stage of script writing throughout screening.

Managing all levels of production including coordinating between financial and funding entities and as well as allocation of funds.






Director of Graduate Film Competition  Cinema South Film Festival 

Supervising and escorting the entire collection of final movies designated for screening at the festival. 

Producer and Coordinator of film content and technical quality throughout all stages of “post” until the point of broadcasting. 

Scheduling films in the festival program and working with an overseas team of judges.


Films and Festivals:
  • “White Walls”

Fiction 50 Minutes Director, Producer and  Writer, 2005


South Korea, SDA South Korea, Best Dramatic Movie Award. Winner Special Award, 2006
2005 Haifa, Israel Best Drama Award in the 21st International Film Festival
2005 Israel Southern Film Festival Winner for Best Movie
2005 Israel Southern Film Festival Winner of Art Direction Award


Israel film festival .Berlin, Germany, 2012
Open Frame Festival and Forum, New Delhi, India, 2006
International Women's Film Festival, Rehovot, 2006
Winner of Special Prize Award Seoul Drama Awards, Seoul, Korea, 2006
Sao Paolo Jewish Film Festival, Brazil, 2006
2nd Ashdod Film Festival, Israel, 2006
Winner of best drama, Haifa International Film Festival, Haifa, Israel, 2005
Broadcast in channel 2, Israeli television, 2006


  • “Longing”

Short  film, Director and  Producer.

Broadcasted in the 2nd Southern  Film Festival - 2004 and on Channel 2 in Israel in a show surrounding the 2nd Southern Film Festival, 2004.