The next application round for our two year Master programme will begin January 20 2018 and close April 30th 2018 for the academic year starting in October of 2018 (with graduation in October 2020).

Successful applicants will be notified in June / July 2018.

Please read the following carefully as it offers you all important and necessary information about the Admission Requirements and Process:

Admission Requirements

  • Participants should have at least an undergraduate or first degree (B.A., M.A., Diploma etc.).
  • Participants must proof a minimum of one year of work experience (internship, jobs, projects) SUBSEQUENT to the completion of the undergraduate or first degree. This work experience should be related to your first degree or to some sort of media practice. Please present your work experience as a detailed schedule or table, including: employer/internship supervisor, job description, duration of the employment/placement, proof (copy of contract, certificate of employment/internship completion, or a signed letter from the employer/supervisor).
  • Participants who have worked across various disciplines and regions are encouraged to apply. They should show interest in non-western countries as well as in film production and research in e.g. Asia, Africa, Latin America.
  • Proficiency in English (fluent in both written and spoken) is a must. You do not need to give us any certificate (TOEFL, etc.) to prove your proficiency in English - We trust that our applicants are able to judge their own capacity in completing an M.A. level course in English.
  • Participants should have basic technical skills in film, video or photography.
  • Participants must have adequate electronic equipment in order to deal with various multimedia materials; high-speed Internet access, a fast computer and a personal email account are compulsory. Owning a basic digital camera is recommended.

© In-house-class MA Visual and Media Anthropology, Foto: Mike Terry 2016

Application Process

Next application period begins in January 2018. 


1. Fill in the internal program Application Form

The first step is to provide us internally with an overview of your application. To do this, please fill in this checklist. This is an internal form from our program. Please upload it later on in the applciation portal. You can additionally also send it via e-mail to: This is not mandatory but highly recommended, because it helps us to have an overview over the applicants. 

2. Generating an application account

The second step is to apply online via the central university website. Please create this application account using this link: Registration for an application account

The process involves choosing an account name and a password, and confirming this with your email address within 12 hours of receiving the confirmation email. If you did not press the link to confirm in the confirmation email, you will have to restart the process.

Note that you are not yet able to upload any documents until you complete the Third step!

3. Apply for the MA Visual and Media Anthropology (Continuing Education Master Program) and upload your documents

After confirming your E-mail, login with your username and password to the application portal for continuing master programs:

a) Click:

b) Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Online-Form for Continuing Education Master Programs

c) Please chose the Program Visual and Media Anthropology.

Please note: You will only be able to upload your documents 24 hours AFTER using the online application portal.

d) Please upload the following documents under "Attachments" on the applicant information portal that you can access with your username and your password. 

Click on Application Account (not over Uni Assist):

Documents to Upload:

  1. The checklist (step 1)
  2. A short curriculum vitae including: employer/internship supervisor, job description, duration of the employment/placement
  3. Proof of your work experience (copy of contract, certificate of employment/internship completion, or a signed letter from the employer/supervisor)
  4. A Diploma Supplement, BA, MA, Diploma or Magister, Transcripts
  5. A motivation letter (1 page). Describe here in a free text, why you are applying for our Program.
  6. Evidence of a scholarship or proof of financial sufficiency (e.g. own or sponsors bank statement / pass sheets). Tuition fees are 5,990 € per year of study (2,995 € per semester). In total for the two years: 11,980 Euro plus semester fees of 107,47€ per semester and railway ticket, if you need it, 189,10€.
  7. A Picture (digital passport format or other)
4. Follow the status of your application

We will inform all sucessful candidates by email end of June at the latest. However you can follow the processing status of your application in the applicant information portal (using the username and password you created):

(-- > click on application account) - not over uni assist!

For all questions concerning admission e-mail:

If ERRORS occur:

At the moment the transfer of uploaded data takes place during German night time. Therefore you may experience problems with your login into the application portal or the upload of files in the time between midnight and 4:00 AM German time. We are very sorry for this technical problem. If you are not able to upload your documents at all, please send them as an email attachment to We will try to help you with the upload. Please note: Applications sent via E-mail do not count as an official application.

If you have already created an application account and are denied access to your existing application, please log out from the portal / website, close your browser or clear your browser cache and login in again.