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News from Feb 07, 2017

Vol. 2 | Journal of Visual and Media Anthropology

News from Jan 05, 2017

Spaces of Perception

News from Oct 06, 2016

Welcome Generation 9

News from Sep 13, 2016

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News from Aug 21, 2016

FU Berlin Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology Ranked 1st in Germany

News from Mar 22, 2016

Job Posting - Student Assistant

News from Mar 14, 2016

Full tuition scholarship for refugees

News from Mar 11, 2016

MA Film "These Objects, Those Memories" to screen at the 18th Encounters South African International Documentary Festival

News from Mar 04, 2016

Successful Defense of PhD Thesis & Film - Günter Marks

News from Feb 12, 2016

Best Short Documentary January 2016 by Anne Chahine

News from Feb 12, 2016

Anthropologies Numeriques 4th Edition

News from Jan 26, 2016

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News from Jan 22, 2016

Film distinguished at Jean Rouch Film Festival

News from Jan 20, 2016


News from Nov 10, 2015

Exhibition of Final MA Projects: Opening October 23

News from Oct 19, 2015

Screening of final MA films

News from Oct 17, 2015

Inviatation to the Finissage of the Humboldt Lab Dahlem with student films from the MA in Visual and Media Anthropology

News from Sep 29, 2015

"Persisting Dreams" screening at the Jean Rouch Film Festival

News from Sep 11, 2015

“A Useless Fiction” at Macau Film Festival in the USA

Our alumni Cheong Kin Man will present his MA short film  “A Useless Fiction” (2014, 31min) and two other documentaries “Macao Water Fountains” (2008, 29min) and “Ou Mun Ian, Macaenses” (2009, 33min), at “Macau Film Festival, San Leandro, California 2015”. The festival will be held ...

News from Aug 05, 2015