Dr. Anne-Marie Reynaud


Freie Universitaet Berlin - Lecturer


Anne-Marie Reynaud studied Anthropology and Journalism in Canada before completing her MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths College (UK) in 2006 and her PhD in Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2016. Her professional experience in Canada touched upon different areas of documentary filmmaking, including film production with two ecological documentary series for French and Canadian television: Les artisans du rebut global (13x30min) and Les citadins du rebut global (13x60min.). She has directed her own short documentary/ethnographic films, such as Reparations (25 min.), screened at Montreal’s First Peoples’ Film Festival in 2007.


Anne-Marie was the program coordinator for the MA Visual and Media Anthropology (FU Berlin) from 2008 to 2010. She has been lecturing in the program ever since. As a graduate student of the Excellence Cluster Languages of Emotion (FU Berlin) she carried out fieldwork among First Nations in Canada.


She is currently a postdoc fellow at the Centre for Research on Ethics in Montreal where she is working on visual media (film, video and photography) and the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


Her main areas of interest are visual anthropology, Indigenous Peoples, emotions, memory and reparation processes.


Course design and teaching

  • Applied Visual Anthropology (substitute lecturer, Summer Semester 2010 - course by Prof. Sarah Pink)
  • Classics and Varieties of Ethnographic Film (Winter Semester 2008/09, Winter Semester 2009/10, Winter Semester 10/11 and Winter Semester 2014/15).
  • Ethics and Visual Anthropology (Summer Semester 2009)



  • Reynaud, Anne-Marie. 2017. Emotions, Remembering and Feeling Better: Dealing with the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement in Canada. In book series EmotionsKulturen / EmotionCultures. Bielefeld: transcript.


  • Kumala-Sakti, V. and Reynaud, A-M. 2017. “Understanding Reconciliation through Reflexive Practice: Ethnographic Examples from Canada and Timor Leste”. In Ethnographic Peace Research: Approaches and Tensions. Gearoid Millar (ed.), Basingstoke, England: Palgrave Macmillan.


  • Reynaud, Anne-Marie. “Aboriginal Children Through the Lens of Missionaries: Images, Perception and Emotional Conflicts”. In Perceiving Children: Media, Education and Museum. A Visual Anthropology of Childhood. Rossella Ragazzi and Peter I. Crawford (eds.), Århus: Intervention Press. (forthcoming)


  • Reynaud, Anne-Marie. “Financial Compensations and Reconciliation in an Algonquin Community in Quebec”. In The Spiritual Burn Victims, Marie-Pierre Bousquet and Karl S. Hele (eds.), Montreal: Recherches Amérindienne au Québec. (forthcoming)


  • Reynaud, Anne-Marie. 2014. “Dealing with Difficult Emotions: Anger at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada”. Anthropologica, November 2014: 56 (2).



Filmography (selected)

  • 35 rue des Cascades (January 2008) – 5 min. (director, camera, editor)
  • Reparations (September 2006) – 25 min. (director, camera, editor) Goldsmiths College, First Peoples’ Festival Montreal 2007
  • George (March 2006) – 15 min. (director, camera, editor) Goldsmiths College 
  • Danny (Nov. 2005) – 5min. (director, camera, editor) Goldsmiths College
  • Mille fois, je t’ai attendu (June 2004) – 6min. (co-production, Blitz 2880) Turtles Productions
  • Tea time (June 2004) – 6min. (co-production, Blitz 2880) Turtles Productions, Le court en Bref – Sublim - Arts et technology numériques festival.  
  • Tiempo Sagrado (May 2004) – 30min. (Co-directed and edited, camera) Concordia University
  • Art for Healing (March 2004) – 30min. (interviewer, camera) Concordia University