PhD Sadaf Javdani Haji

Sadaf Javdani

Freie Universität Berlin

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Field of Activity

PhD Graduate

Address Landoltweg 9-11
14195 Berlin


PhD in Visual Anthropology (Jan 2011- date of successful defense: April 23rd 2015)

Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Master of Arts in Visual and Media Anthropology (October 2008–October 2010)

Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany 

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (September 2003–2007)

Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.

Diploma in Photography  (June 2006–August 2008)

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.



No Country for Young Man (2010), 30 min. 

24.06.2011   RAI International Ethnographic Film Festival, London, UK.

04.11.2011   Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, Greece.

09.11.2011   Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany.

26.01.2012   Festival International du Film Ethnographique du Quebec, Montreal, Canada.

13.05.2013   Museum of Ethnology (Ethnocineca), Vienna, Austria. 

Choice (2009), 3 min.

10th international Ethnographic Film Festival Göttingen


PhD Project:

A Montage Ethnography: Migration, Emotion and Transnationality

First advisor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming 

Second advisor: Prof. Dr. Rossella Raggazzi


Abstract of Dissertation project

To enhance our vision about aspects of a certain culture that are located in the dark side of our understanding, a fitting style of representation has to be designed to meet the unique characteristics of the subject of a study. Focusing on the new trend of skilled migration in Iran, which is often examined using a conventional textual discourse that favors ‘data’ and ‘facts’,  I propose to develop an alternative experimental model that is multilingual and interdisciplinary; a methodology based on the premises of visual anthropology that tolerates imagination, communicates metaphoric expressions and prepares a context for transnational interpretations and interactions . This visual ethnographic research is thus conducted through implementation of multi narrative perspectives produced in collaboration with Iranian middle class transmigrants whose lives have been significantly affected by the experience of migration.