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1. Requirements / Preconditions

I have completed my Bachelor / Diploma/ Master Degree Program in Mass Communication (Journalism) from the Institute of Communication studies. I work in the related field. Now I intend to continue my studies at your prestigious university. Am I qualified enough to study in your program?  What are my chances as an applicant with no official degree in Anthropology?

Yes, we accept students with a BA in Mass Communication studies or a related field. But please note that you must prove that you have worked a minimum of one year in a field related to your previous studies and that this work must have taken place following graduation, not prior to it. We also accept students coming from other programs if they can prove that they have some knowledge in camera, editing techniques and/or can explain their motivation. A BA or MA in Social or Cultural Anthropology strengthens your application but is not necessary to be admitted to the program.

Is my Bachelor / Diploma/ Master Degree Program recognised by the Freie Universität Berlin?

Please consult the Anabin Datenbank (only available in German) to obtain information about the recognition of foreign educational qualifications in the Federal Republic of Germany.