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4. Online modules

How do I get my study materials?

Course materials are provided via our Learning managment platform. Some lecturers will provide additional material also via email, especially for the in-house workshops. As is the case with most courses, materials are available via the modules accessible via the homepage, you will find all you need for your courses: the individual units and their materials--including tasks, the compulsory reading, films to watch online, the discussion boards to exchange opinions with your fellow students and so on.

Can I get a certificate for individual modules? Or can I start during the second semester?

We expect all participants to complete the entire program.

Could you give me some more precisie information about the learning management System? Are we going to be able to watch the movies online?

Yes, you will be able to watch the movies online (videostreamed).

How are the online-discussion appointments (virtual classroom...) organised? What kind of equipment shall we have (DSL, Webcam, PC or Apple, Software.....) ?

There will be organised online discussions with life stream and recording almost every week, both with Zoom Video Conference Software or Adobe Connect and in the virtual world classrooms of the university (such as Second Life and Sine Space). You are required to have access to high-speed internet. You can use either PC or Apple-technology. A Webcam is necessary and you will need a microphone or headset for the video life meetings with your lecturers and classmates. If you want to attend the vr-classes in second life, you need an Avatar in Second Life and a computer with sufficient system requirements for vr-performances.In case your hardware is not sufficioent, you can attend the life-stream of the virtual reelity classes in our video conference rooms (zoom and Adobe Connect).

How will the assignments be introduced ?

The types of assignments depend on the course. Some will be in the form of questions requiring short or long answers, while some will be more of a practical nature (a photography project, a written essay for example or a presentation in class). Regarding equipment, post-production facilities etc., please see section 7. Technology.

How many hours should I be working per week?

You should calculate for one week and one module:

  • Watching a film (online via videostream): 1 to 2 hours
  • Mandatory reading: 2 hours
  • Reading up on the filmmakers: 30 minutes
  • Reading the unit content (text): 30 min.
  • Assignement questions: 1-2 hours
  • + 1 hour chat or skype discussion

You should be working roughly between 5.5 to 7.5 hours (+ 1 hour discussion) for each unit (6.5 hours mandatory, and 2.5 more are recommended). You have to complete two units per week, which means:

You should be working roughly 12-18 hours per week.

For a detailed workload, read the official regulations 


The students will have to write a final paper for each module or alternatively finish a short film project.