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5. In-house classes

Do I have to participate in the in-house classes?

We recommend to participate at both in-house-classes, but at least at the first in-house-class (in Oktober) to get to know your classmates and some of the lecturers in person. But you can study the entire program also online without any participation at the in-house-classes. There are no examinations with a mandatory personal attendance. The online classes will provide you with all of the knowledge to finish your MA thesis and film project online successfully and you can meet your supervisor via our audio and video confernce software. A personal attendance at the final film screening or exhibition in Berlin at the end of the second year is also not mandatory. We will stream parts of it via our social media channels. But of course it is a lot of fun to celebrate with your classmates!

When will the in-house classes take place?

The first in-house workshop will be in October in Berlin. The second one will be in April. The third in  October and the fourth (and last) again in April.