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10. Health Insurance

Do I need to get Health Insurance? 

In Germany it is necessary by law that you get health insurance. You have the choice between a private insurance (either from your home country or from Germany) or you can get health insurance from the German social health insurance fund.

90% of the students in Germany opt for the social health insurance fund. This insurance costs 66,04€ a month. It also covers your family at no extra costs. You will be issued an insurance card and can go to any doctor, dentist or hospital without paying for the treatment or equipment.

With a private health insurance you need to pay for the treatment in advance and get reimbursed by your insurance company once you hand in the receipts. This can get costly, e.g. one day in a hospital costs 500€.

It has happened in the past that foreign students with private health insurance coverage from their home countries did not get all the money reimbursed – they only got the money the treatment would have cost in their home countries.

You do not need to get health insurance in advance. Once you get to Germany you can get insured during the first days of your stay.

If you need get private health insurance from your home country, you need to get additional nursing care insurance coverage for as long as you are in Germany. If you get the social health insurance for 66.04 €, the nursing care insurance is already included.

Social health insurance for students and their accompanying family is sold through insurance companies. This insurance costs the same at every insurance company: 54.78€. It does not matter which company you choose.

We recommend that you get health insurance once you arrive in Berlin.