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Rental Equipment

What audio / visual equipment is available for rental?

A list of available equipment can be found here: Equipment List

All technical equipment mentioned on the list can be borrowed at:

Andreas Solty, Medienservice


Otto-Suhr Institut (OSI)

Ihnestraße 21

14195 Berlin

ground floor left, glass box in front of library.

Opening hours:

Mo-Fri.: 9:45-10:15




Please send Mr. Solty a mail (Medienservice@PolSoz.FU-Berlin.de)

with a list of technical equipment you need (at least one week before you want to use it).

Since he does not speak English it would be good to write in German. (Template below).

Be aware that it’s a first come first serve basis so try to reserve as early as possible!

You are allowed to borrow a camera for fieldwork purposes 

but for no longer than four weeks. Exceptional cases can be discussed with Steffen Köhn: skoehn@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Students are responsible for providing their own SD, CF, etc. cards.

In addition the video cameras we have at OSI we also offer one

Canon SLR camera (60D) 

with a Canon EF 17-55mm 1:2,8 lens

and a EF 35mm f/2 IS USM  fix lens and  a lens Hood

one LED light panel Prolux PLXBi 145

GoPro Hero 2

Email nena.hedrick@fu-berlin.de for this particular equipment.

Template in German for your E-mail to the Media Service

Lieber Herr Solty,

mein Name ist ___________________________________

My name is

und ich studiere im MA Programm Visual and Media Anthropology

I am studying in the MA Porgram Visual and Media Anthropology

Ich würde mir gerne bei Ihnen vom________________________ bis 


folgende Technik ausleihen:

I would like to borrow from                    to

The following technical equipment

Ist diese Technik während dieses Zeitraums vorhanden?

Is the equipment available during those time?

Wenn ja würde ich das Equipment gerne am___________________________ bei Ihnen abholen. 

If yes, I would like to borrow it at this date: 

Lassen Sie mich bitte wissen, welche Uhrzeit Ihnen am besten passen würde.

Please let me know, which time is suitable for you

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

many thanks in advance

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,