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What's the Lions of Science Network all about?

“The issue for us is how to translate concern into action.” Anthony Cohen, 1985

Please Note: Even though the Lions of Science Network recently went online it is yet not operating as we are now in the process of acquiring sponsors and donors to finance the LOSN activities.


Project applications will be accepted from 01.02.2012 - 29.02.2012.


Within the LOSN African students, following a rotating system, and students matriculated at the Master Visual and Media Anthropology have the opportunity, to participate at the annual Lions of Science Competition. The Competition is about finding the best anthropological projects, with a focus on indigenous solutions to - or approaches in dealing with - environmental, social, political or economic global challenges, developed in the 'developing world'.

Please note: In 2012 only students from East-Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia) can apply for the competition. Due to the background of the project, Kenyan students are each year welcomed to participate at the competition. African students do not need to be matriculated within an anthropological framework. However the projects need to have an anthropological focus - see description below.

From all presented projects, the LOSN Jury, consisting of phD-students and scientists associated to the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, will decide about the three competition winners, who will be renowned in Nairobi/Kenya in co-operation with Chris Kirubi's Capital Media Group.


The LOSN is financed by private donations and sponsoring.


The First Price: An all inclusive two month Internship with one of the Lions of Science Partners. Kenyan students win an all incl. two internship with one of the german partners, resp. the Masters Visual and Media Anthropology.

Second Price: An all inclusive one month intership with one of the Lions of Science Partners. Kenyan students win an all incl. one month internship with one of the german partners, resp. the Masters  Visual and Media Anthropology.

Third Price: Technical equipment of the winners choice worth 1000€.


The LOSN is still in negotiations about the definite prices to win.


Keep in mind: The competition takes place once a year. It's the LOSN jury that decides about which projects become Lion of Science Projects and participate at the competition. The LOSN is not in the position to explain or justify the decisions to the applicants. You can’t apply retroactive with an already finalized project.


The Lions of Science Project Disciplines:

The projects have one of the following scientific background: Visual and Media Anthropology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Visual Media Development, (New) Media Politics and Cultures, Virtual Cultures Research, Environmental Anthropology, Indigenous Sciences and Indigenous Media. Projects with an interdisciplinary approach are welcomed.


Female students and students from the rural area are especially encouraged to participate.


Note: It's not about the projects size or material input, it's more about the project's idea and it's innovative approach.

Regional Focus: Projects with a focus on African and Asian so called "least developed countries" will be considered with priority. Projects with a focus on so called "less developed countries" will be considered as well. Projects with a focus on European or Northern American countries can not be considered.

Exception: Projects focusing e.g. on the indigenous people or indigeous knowledge of the Americas.


List of current so called Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

Asia Africa
  Afghanistan Afghanistan*   Angola Angola   Malawi Malawi*
Bangladesch Bangladesch Benin Benin Mali Mali*
Bhutan Bhutan* Burkina Faso Burkina Faso* Mauretanien Mauretania
Jemen Yemen Burundi Burundi* Mosambik Mozambique
Kambodscha Kambodia Central African Republic Niger Niger*
Laos Laos*  Chad Ruanda Rwanda*
Malediven Maledives** Komoren Comoros** São Tomé und Príncipe São Tomé and Príncipe**
Myanmar Myanmar Demokratische Republik Kongo Democratic Republic of the Congo Senegal Senegal
Nepal Nepal* Dschibuti Djibouti Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
OsttimorEast Timor** Äquatorialguinea Equatorial Guinea Somalia Somalia
Oceania Eritrea Eritrea Sudan Sudan
  Kiribati Kiribati** Äthiopien Ethiopia* Tansania Tansania
Salomonen Salomon Islands** Gambia Gambia Togo Togo
Samoa Samoa** Guinea Guinea Uganda Uganda*
Tuvalu Tuvalu** Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau** Sambia Zambia*
Carribean Liberia Liberia *  also belonging to the LLDCs
** also in the group of SIDSs
  Haiti Haiti** Madagaskar Madagascar

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Least_Developed_Countries