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Your opportunity to support the Lions of Science Network

Take the opportunity to support one of the most ambitioned and promising Social Science Projects worldwide and promote the Lions of Science Network associated to the Masters Programm in Visual and Media Anthropology.

To finance our various activities, we also depend on YOUR financial support as a private person, a company, organisation or foundation. Keep in mind that also the social sciences such as (Visual and Media) Anthropology, constitute an important pillar on the way towards a 'global community' and therefore can also contribute to social progress and even economic growth. Projects within these Social Sciences can act as catalysts to find own ways out of poverty and dependence - and that's the innovative part of the Lions of Science Network.
Therefore the LOSN aims to sensitize citizens of the developing world for these striking coherences between anthropology, media and sustainable development.


1. Sponsoring (open to Companies, Organisations and Foundations)

Interested in sponsoring the LOSN directly or a specific project? Just get in contact with the LOSN and become a "Lions of Science Company" or a "member of the Lions of Science Network"!

Further benefits:

1.1 All sponsors will be presented on the LOSN website itself and on our LOSN Facebook Fanpage.

1.2 All sponsors get the right to use the mentioned label "Lions of Science Company" for their marketing purposes.

1.3 The companies will also get the right to use a final project trailer for their marketing purposes.

1.4 All sponsoring activities are tax-deductible

Sponsoring by material means (e.g. technical equipment for the students participating at the annual project competitions) is also appreciated.


For any additional information please get in contact with Ececutive Director Kani Tuyala.


2. Donations (open to Private Persons)

The LOSN is associated to the Masters Program in Visual and Media Anthropology and therefore part of the Freie Universität Berlin. However to establish and maintain our activities we depend on YOUR financial support.

2.1 How to donate:

Support The Lions of Science Network with your one time donation or permanently – most simply via direct debit mandate. There are good reasons to do so:
- You enable us to schedule our work and organisation on a long term basis
- We, The Lions of Science Network, save administration costs
- You can quit your support ANYTIME without respite just by calling or sending us an e-mail.
- Following the German rule of law, you may reverse your donation on your account within six weeks.

From 500€ per month upwards all permanent donators will be presented prominently on our LOSN Facebook Fanpage and get the right to carry the label 'Lions of Science Friend' for their own purposes.

Alternatively you may also place a standing order with your banking institution to the Lion of Science Network.


All transferals are tax-deductible. A special university account is reserved for the exclusive use of the Lions of Science Network.