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Aida Sheikholeslami

WELCOME HOME / 37 Min. Germany and Iran 2011 / English, Farsi (OmeU)


This documentary film explores the effect of migration on cultural identity. Under what conditions can we truly feel that we belong to the places we live in? To address this question, the film tells the story of three characters whose life journeys have led them back and forth between Iran, the United States, and Germany. The story is essentially auto-ethnographic, as the characters are the mother, father, and husband of the film-maker. Through photography and film, the camera provides an intimate picture of the characters' lives in the cities of Tehran and Berlin by following them through their daily routines and capturing their hopes and aspirations. The contrasts in opinions, lifestyles, and values, echoed through the diversity of cityscape and music in these two cities, leave the filmmaker at the crossroads that every immigrant has experienced.