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Elena Quintarelli

Women On The Move / 28 Min. Germany 2011 / Italian (OmeU)


Women On The Move narrates the stories of some Italian women who decided to move toBerlin for different reasons. Cecilia, following her friends suggestions to leave Italy in orderto pursue her career as a violinist, found in Berlin her ability to be independent. Elvira, whoconsiders Berlin her „real home“, fulfilled her desire to become a mother there, without thenecessity to give up her dream to open a school. Elisa, exhausted by several attempts ofbeing a Psychologist in Italian schools, moved with her boyfriend in search of a new life.Francesca simply remained in Berlin after an internship in the city, fascinated by its artisticdimension.

Despite the differences between the four individual stories, these women have in commontheir feelings of anger and sorrow towards their homecountry, perceived as „pushing away“young people, offering no possibilities for their future and the opposite sensation of hope tofulfill their desires in this new country.