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Fidel Devkota

A Story of Paradise Lost / 50 Min. Tibet 2011 / OmeU

Shambala is a mythical term in Tibetan Buddhism referring to a pure and mystical land hidden in the Himalayas.This film explores how the sudden change of climate pattern and its impact in the people living in such paradise in the Himalayas of Nepal. This film was a result of three months of fieldwork in Upper Mustang (Apr- June 2011).This participatory observation film tells the story of Dhe Village (3820m) which is considered to be Nepal’s first Climate refugee village. People of the village share their stories, myth, history, and problems in the film.There is not enough snow and rainfall and the land is dry and barren and cattle! are slowly dying because of water and pasture shortage.This film is a story of survival, imigration, adaptation, climate vulnerability and hope in the time of climate change, which is threatening the villagers with their survival.




  • Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival, Nepal (KIMFF 2011)
  • Bansko International Mountain Festival, Bulgaria (2012)
  • International Anthropological Film Festival, Vietnam (2012)
  • Nepal Now Köln, Germany(2012)
  • Cultural Unplugged Online Film Festival, (2013)
  • Foire International de Cean, France (2013)
  • Café des Images Cean, France (2013)
  • Maison Internationale de Rennes, France (2013)