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Hongshan Ma

Have a tiger by the tail / 39 Min. China 2011 / OmeU


In the rural Guizhou Province of China there is an ethnic minority group named Longhorn Miao. Industrial development in China after the 1980s greatly improved the productivity of its people but hurt the local intangible heritage. In 1998 an eco-museum, along with its documentation centre, was opened, making the first eco-museum in China a reality.The Suoga Eco-museum has been established for 13 years; its primary intention is preserving and safeguarding the intangible heritage of the community. However, the original intention of the eco museum, has in many respects not been met by this particular project.The film and the thesis shows the current dilemma of the Suoga Eco-museum and express my opinions on the following questions: Has the Suoga Eco-museum in China’s rural areas, which is almost half a world away from where the concept of eco-museum was born, fulfilled its mission? What are the necessary conditions to establish an eco-museum under China’s system and how is such an establishment sustained.