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Alexia Skok

Life in Limbo: the forced repatriation and state-imposed identity management of Kosovo’s Roma and Ashkali communities / 59 Min. Film and photography. Kosovo and Germany 2012 / English (OmeU)

Kosovan Roma and Ashkali diaspora living in Germany on Duldung status are currently being forcibly repatriated to the small Balkan nation. This excavation of lives is causing severe socio-psycho strain on the individuals involved, while simultaneously placing innumerable stresses upon the already marginalised communities they are being (re)introduced to.

The main content of this thesis revolves around the management of state-imposed social identification of forcibly repatriated Roma and Ashkali from various cities across Germany to Fushë Kosovë, the largest Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian slum in Kosovo. Specifically, the focus is on the role of the Gypsy forced returnees must assume and, consequentially, the new lives they are obliged to live as a social underclass in the poorest area of one of most underdeveloped nations in Europe. The returnees are Germans, many of them born here, and must now re-evaluate their lives in a society they do not belong in.