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John Thomas

DARKMOON / 50 Min. Mexico 2012 / Spanish, Tzotzil (OmeU)

Darkmoon is a poetic documentary dealing with indigenous art practices. A young female indigenous poet (Suyul) from Chiapas writes poetry in her mother tongue, 'Tzotzil', and in Spanish. Co-protagonist is a good friend (Ronyk) of her, who is a Tzotzil painter and filmmaker. Ronyk is at the same time also co-filmmaker of Darkmoon and was involved in the production process.

The film is an attempt to find a poetic audio-visual expression for Suyul's poetry, and her as a person. Suyul's poetry is very cultural specific and deals with 'women', her 'folk's reality', 'darkness' and 'death'. However, she challenges common assumption about indigenous people and gives us a deep insight into her reality as a poet and as a modern mayan-descending woman.