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Lisa Snoek

It’s More Important To Be Nice / 41 Mins. Netherlands 2012 / Dutch (OmeU)

It’s More Important To Be Nice is a film about Ruigoord, a community in the middle of the Amsterdam harbor industry. Ruigoord is called a “culturele vrijhaven” a cultural free space, where everything seems to be possible, and so it attracts a lot of people who highly appreciate a constant feeling of freedom. People who live permanently in Ruigoord have decided to reduce their connection with society and live a very minimalistic life. Most of the film comes across as a rather conventional documentary, scenic interchanging with interviews and conversations with inhabitants, ‘neighbors (industrial workers), visitors and outsiders. Other scenes in the film, however, stand out as more cinematographically constructed and consist of sensorial impressions of the contrast between the capitalistic surrounding of the harbor industry and the organic chaos inside the village. The film shows a neutral perspective on a primitive free space and creates the opportunity to flee for a little bit less than 40 minutes into a small separated world without any limitations, conventions or judgments.