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Johan Ask Pape

Under Pressure / 47 Min. Denmark 2012 / Danish (OmeU)

Under Pressure portraits the chronic ill Mads. Pursued by accidents all his life, Mads ends up in a wheelchair in 2008, paralyzed from the waist and down. With no chance of a cure in sight he lives a hermit life in a nursing home in the countryside of Denmark. But when he is suddenly offered an experimental treatment program at The National Hospital, The Kingdom, in Copenhagen, he sets out: With his faith in God, a pan flute, two young personal assistants and his friend, Johan, Mads strives to regain his viability in the new strange and science-fiction-like surroundings of the hyperbaric chamber. Under pressure follows the everyday life of a chronic ill person with what it entails of addictions, black humor and loneliness. It is an intimate film seen through the eyes of a friend.