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Josefine Borrmann

A Question of Perspective / Directed by Josefine Borrmann and Julia Luhnau / 63 Min. Brazil 2013 / Portuguese (OmeU)

 “Peace, Justice and Liberty” are the values the Brazilian drug cartel Comando Vermelho has prided itself on since its formation in the 70s. What do these values signify for the people whose lives are inevitably intertwined with the drug wars that have been raging for years? 

Police offers, gang members, and favela inhabitants share their very personal opinions, values, and future perspectives. From them, we learn that the recent pacification of favelas has been positively received by their inhabitants, albeit the persistent insecurity and mistrust of whether or not these changes will last beyond the international events incurring them, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Will these changes last past 2016? Can the government of Brazil guarantee permanence? Between antiquated and recently reformed police forces, between the government and the Comando Vermelho: Who really succeeds in achieving Peace, Justice and Liberty in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro?



Screenings and Awards

The Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival (November 2013)

Award: Best Student Film

Chicago, USA


LA New Wave Film Festival (April 2013)

Awards: First Place Feature Documentary, Best Concept (Feature Doc), Best Directing (Feature Doc)

Los Angeles, USA


The Indie Gathering (Aug 2013)

Award: 2nd Place in Foreign Documentary Category

Hudson, USA

International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality (2013)

Award: Honorable Mention as New Comer

Jakarta, Indonesia



Ethnocineca Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest (May 2013)

Vienna, Austria


Honorable Mention

Los Angeles Movie Awards (May 2013)