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Nena Hedrick

“Rattle them Bars: Radio Appropriation, Self-Identity and the Senses in the Audiovisual Counter-Narrative of East Texas Prisons. Multi-media installation.  USA.

Centered on a year spent helping with the production of an East Texas prison radio show, Rattle Them Bars is a multimedia installation exploring an experimental, multi-vocal counter conversation about the prison system. This research explores the ways in which communication is a sensory experience and asks the questions; in what ways does long-term solitary confinement affect one's sense of self-identity and what is the role of The Prison Show in this relationship? Through audio-visual exploration and montage of field footage, voices of families speaking to prisoners, and letters and art from prisoners in solitary confinement, the work attempts a more visible and sensorial counter narrative to the one structured by the carcereal institution.