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Anna Grundsten

The Lost Video Tapes

The study of family home videos and its ties and correlations to memory is still a small and relatively unexplored subfield with in the study of visual anthropology, and there are many more interesting aspects of this subfield to be explored. Yet I hope with my research that I have somehow made a small contribution to the already existing research in the area, or at least opened up or evoked some new ideas regarding this quite specific and narrow topic. Family home videos can be considered to possess the ability to evoke important memories and explicit or implicit emotional processes both within a single individual, as well as within a family, and it can possess the ability to enhance and heighten a sense of unity and happiness within a family, as well as for an individual family member. For instance, the family videos that I have used in my project show many images that can be considered to be of significant historical importance, as well as possessing more personal significance and meaning for the individual, as visual images carries different meaning and importance to different individuals. Nonetheless, these videos can today serve as important sources of information and enrich the memories of the family members in a very significant way (Jay, 2005).  

Watch film here: https://vimeo.com/185354500