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Luisa Orduno

Dreams And Memories: Illustrating The Wetlands

‘Dreams and Memories: Illustrating the Wetlands’ is a collection of webbased visual monographs concerning communities living in wetland areas. The first study surrounds the town Gandoca, situated in a Wildlife Refuge. The area is located in the south Caribbean of Costa Rica, which is an important region for nesting sea turtles as well as the high diversity of other species. The environment plays a huge role in the aesthetic of this artistically creative work. Visual artist Luisa Orduño recorded the Gandocans by illustrating their memories and their hopes and dreams for the future of their town. She bases a series of illustrations and photography to bring to life the interviews conducted with them and through this a story is told in a colorfully visual journey. The work sets to present the past, future and present either in reality or imagery of this town. The following set of visual monographs will continue the research and recording of the everyday life wetlands around the world.