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Melody Howse

Up All Night

A phenomenological exploration into how it feels to be woken frequently in the night. Focusing on the lived experience of first time mothers and exploring the role of the internet as a formative space in the creation of the self as mother. As well as how during this transitional time technology is often being bought in to assist, aid or remedy the situation of sleeplessness. With the participants, I developed a created and interactive website which houses their fragmented narratives. It explores the night as a liminal space and a stage for which emotions and experience are polarized and are at times felt of as extreme. Whilst exploring their shared experience as mothers who identify as struggling with night waking’s. The research is the culmination of visual and arts based research methods inspired by the work of Sarah Pink and Christina Lammer. The purpose of the research and the site was to create a safe space and platform to articulate this experience so that it could be shared with an audience outside of academia. Creating an archive of experience that could support other mothers, partners or friends who were potentially struggling with this experience.



June 2017, “Fragmented Narratives; online spaces for experience.” At Voicing Experience: The 4th British Conference of Autoethnography. University of Sussex

October 2017, “The Edge of A Feeling; the development of visual and sensory online methods.” Panel for, Experimental and Sensory Methods in Critical Affective Research." Conference Belonging: Affective, moral and political practices in an interconnected world. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde e.V.