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List of Generation 6

Graduation October 2015

  1. Ambrosi Turbay, Luisa: Ma thesis and film project. title will follow. 
  2. Andreea Campeanu: MA Thesis: “Women and Political Art in Romania.” Photographic Exhibition. Romania.
  3. Bita Babolian. Denying and Acceptance of Body. Beyond Woman's Self-Immolation in Iran. Virtual Exhibition.
  4. Chloe Elliot Hughes: MA Thesis: “The Art of War.” Written thesis with audio/visual material. Australia.

  5. Eugenia Seriakov: “Performing the Summit – The G7 Summit and its Impact on the Local.”  Video Installation. Austria. 
  6. Erickson, Heidemarie: Authoring Loss: In-between crossing borders (written thesis). I am not here (film). 
  7. Ivan Jevic: “Mind If I Smoke While You’re Eating?” Film. Found Footage.

  8. Jóhanna Björk Sveinbjörnsdóttir: “Underneath the Shieldshaped Mountain, the Helicopter, and the Sun.” Multi-media Installation. Greenland.

  9. Juan Sebastian Gómez: “Development Narratives of Colombia’s Sumapaz Farmers: Sumapaz Agrarian Union.”  Colombia.

  10. Karly Domb Sadof: “Land of a Thousand Likes: Understanding Thai Visual Media Consumption on Instagram in Bangkok.” Photographic and mixed media installation. Thailand.

  11. Laura Jordan Montejo: “A GoPro Ethnography. Recollections of a Personal Journey Across Visual Representations with Anatilde Rojas.”  Film: “Sobremesas.” Columbia. 

  12. Marcela Vanegas. Breathe. Film. Columbia, Germany.

  13. Mary Zweifel: “Adamou Moves: An Audiovisual Ethnography Exploring Migration as a Rite of Passage.Film: “Adamou Moves.” Germany.

  14. Miona Paskulov: “Public Lives of Our Wombs. The Importance of Motherhood in Serbia and the Social Pressure to Become Mothers.”  Film: “Public Lives of Our Wombs.” Serbia. 

  15. Molly Willows: “Before the Wave: A written thesis with the Moken of Koh Phayam” Film: “Before the Wave.” Thailand. 

  16. Nena Hedrick: “Rattle them Bars: Radio Appropriation, Self-Identity and the Senses in the Audiovisual Counter-Narrative of East Texas Prisons. Multi-media installation.  USA. 
  17. Lecat, Paul: MA thesis. photography work
  18. Nerid Eliézer Solórzano Mejía: “Besides the Defense of Territory: Indigenous Identity and Territory in the Case of the Coca Community of Mezcala de la Asunción, Mexico” (written thesis) Title of Film: The Defense of Territory.  Mexico

  19. Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen: “Sensory Ethnography and the Self – New Models for Personal Journeys.” Film: Hungarian Lullaby. Norway, Austria, Hungary.

  20. Riccardo Buck: “Parole de Figlio.” Film. Italy. 

  21. Roger Horn: “These Objects, Those Memories: Female Migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa.”  Film: “These Objects, Those Memories.” South Africa. 

  22. Ruth Sherman: “Transcend-Dance: The Life of a Dancer, the Language of Dance.” Film. Germany

  23. Sebastiàn Osorno Chàvez: MA thesis: “Privileged Senses: An Intersubjective Anthropological Study of Body Senses’ Education on Bogota’s Upper Class.” Photographic and Video Installation.  Colombia.

  24. Sungeun Kim: “The Memory of the 25th Hour: Visualizing Gangjeong Struggle.” Film: “The 25th Hour.”  South Korea.

  25. Teresa Tiburcio Jimenez. Berlin. Wie, bitte? An exploration of the construction of online platforms for mutual support of young Spanish immigrants in Berlin.