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List of Generation 8

Graduation October 2017

1. Ahmed El Kadi: MA Thesis "Between Dreams and Reality: The Dance of Survival."

2. Blake Kendall: MA Thesis "Aliens Wachting the Eco System."

3. Brian KP Karp: MA Thesis "Expectations Surrounding Birth. Contemporary Western Personification Rituals for Perinatal Grief in the Context of Biomedicine"

4. Carlo Paolucci: MA Thesis "Is the population aging the next social problem? The Symbolic Alienation of the Experience of Growing Older in Atalian Residential Care Facilities."

5. Carmen Belaschk: MA Thesis "Musikalische Erinneringen an eine Kriegsgeneration - Drei Lebensgeschichten aus Berliner Alterseinrichtungen."

6. Caroline Bertram: MA Thesis "For Gods and Heads: Imaginations and perceptions about hair as sacrificial offering turned commodity."

7. Céline Burnand: "Ophidian practices in Egypt."

8. Dario Bosio: MA Thesis “Of Hopes and Borders: the struggle for agency among migrants facing an enforced stop on their route.”

9. Dongjoo Seo: MA Thesis "Mediating the world of the mind."

10. Elizabeth Glauser: MA Thesis "The Culture of Paperwork: a study of Pakistani migrants’ experience of bureaucracy in the German asylum seeking system."

11. Ellen Lapper: MA Thesis "Postcolonial Paradoxes: A visual ethnography of British AngloIndians in South London."

12. Giulia Sandri: MA Thesis "In search of depth. Autoethnorgraphy of four months with no visual aids."

13. Henry Denyer-Simmons: MA Thesis "Pocket Picking: Young Men & Gambling in New South Wales, Australia."

14. Joanna Sleigh: MA Thesis "Digital Data Shadow Donation: A digital anthropological study."

15. José Pablo Guzmán: MA Thesis "Exploring the notion of Neuroanthropology in young architects."

16. Kate Blackmore: MA Thesis "Objects of Resistance: The colonial debate surrounding the ownership of the Gweagal spears."

17. Lea Sorth: MA Thesis "Love and Boarders. Immigration laws in Denmark for Family Reunification."

18. Nadim Boughanmi: MA Thesis "Iron Bubbles. Enclaves of Common Understanding in Bangkok – an ethnography on modern day expatriation in Thailand´s capital."

19. Maren Wickwire: MA Thesis "„Staying Strong“: Preacrity and Self-determination among Filipino Migrant Workers in Cyprus."

20. Olivier Llouquet: MA Thesis "Hope and resilience in suspended time. The case of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the United Kingdom."

21. Pamela Slass: MA Thesis "Kuuki o youmu and omoiyari in Situ: Lived Experience of Sensed Communication in Present Day Tokyo."

22. Rika Febriyani: MA Thesis "High-Rise Living in Jakarta and the process of making home."

23.Suzanne Beukes: MA Thesis "An exploration of the experience of black comedians trying to `to make it` in South Africa´s mainstream comedy scene."

24. Ursula Sommer: MA Thesis "Whose Land? A critical ethnography of protest."

25. Valerie von Kittlitz: MA Thesis "Thriftless Fashions, Hopeful Revolutions: Motivations of Movement Makers in Digitally Networked Activism."

26. Xiao Jing Ji: MA Thesis "Curtain Call on Chinese Traditional Opera in Chin. A research in Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe."

27. Yoonha Kim: MA Thesis "Mixed Reality Fashion. A visual anthropological research on fashion design practice in between virtual and physical reality."

28. Zeid Deeb: MA Thesis "Dreams Extended.“