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Generation 10

Generation 10: Graduation 2019

Konstantinos Diamantis

MA Thesis title: Graffiti 2.0, Concepts & Practices of the Graffiti Community in the Social Media Era

Nagy, Zsofia A.

MA Thesis: "Against the Odds: How living with visual impairment affects one’s ability to find a sense of purpose in life". 

Film: "Against the Odds", 28 min, Hungary

Oriente, Marina L.

MA Thesis: "The Occidental Body and the Body of Iboga in a Bwiti Ritual: Ethnographic Knowledge in the current globalised spiritual liberation movement". 

Audiovisual Installation: "yen", Dual projection digital video, TV, Minidv, audio segments, smartphones, oscilloscope, objects. Gabon/Germany

Poh, Charmaine

MA Thesis: How She Loves: An Exploration of Queer Feminine Performativity in Singapore 

Multimedia Installation



Quigua, Claudia F.

MA thesis: Motels: An Ethnographic Study of Short-Term Spaces for Sexual Privacy in the Urban Landscape.

Film: "Motels", 27:26 min, Colombia/Germany


Schebler, Ina

MA Thesis: “’You Don’t Say Peace’: How the Approach of a Local Organization in the Lebanese City of Tripoli Challenges the International Peacebuilding System 

Film: “Trabolsi”, 56 Minutes, Lebanon

Serrano, José D.

MA Thesis: The Tale of La Manguita. An Exploration of memory and its relation with place in the

process of becoming, analyzing the various narratives created through the stories told from

different generations about our abandoned house in the city of Neiva Colombia". 

Film: "The Tale of La Manguita", 30 min, Berlin, Bogotá, Neiva.

van Meurs, Britte

MA Thesis: Life on a Ring Road: A Sensory Ethnography on the Everyday of Ukrainian Non-Resident Truck Drivers

Film: The Yellow Submarine, 22 min

Wang, Clélia 

MA Thesis: Bourgonn Nation. Co-creating with a (neuro)diverse Other."

Film : "Bourgonn Nation", 15 min. France/Germany (and some universes in between to be accurate!)

Yildirim, S. Buse

MA Thesis: " Guess I am living here": A New Wave of Turkish Migration in Berlin

Film: "Ghostly", 12 min, Turkey/Germany