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List of Generation 3

Graduation 2012

  1. Ali, Manizhe: The Passion for Hussain/Mourning Rituals of Sia Muslims in Pakistan
  2. Cahana, Kitra: Photo essay: Traveling Kids; and written thesis: The Making of Nomadic Thought in the Traveling Kid Community
  3. Corbett-Ashby, Emma: Creating Narratives of Recovery in a Culture that Glorifies Addiction and Self Destruction (audio-installation and written thesis)
  4. Ferrari, Sara: Between Chagra and the Minimarket: Of How a Huitoto Woman Survives in the Amazon of the Twenty First Century
  5. Flynn, Rick: Golf Alpha Yankee – An Investigation of Life as a Gay Iranian Refugee in Turkey (film project and written thesis)
  6. Foteinou, Elina: This is What Democracy Looks Like! -Fragments of an Occupied Reality
  7. Fylaktos, Eleftherio: Café Finovo - Geschichten fürs Leben / Stories for Life
  8. Gallo, Raffaele: Image and Memory
  9. Hoffmann, Lorenz: Generation „Maybe“ – Life as a Gamble
  10. Jaramillo, Alejandro: Tales Coconuts Tell: The cultural trajectory of a commodity among the Guna of Mulatupu, Guna Yala
  11. John, Thomas: Media and Art Practices as Articulations of Indegenous Contemporaneities in Chiapas
  12. Kivelä, Tiina: No Tar Sands, No Pipelines, No Tankers on our Coast: Building a Grassroots Environmental Movement in Vancouver, British Columbia
  13. Morey, Stephane: ICF: Marketing for Jesus. Oxymorons of an Evangelical Ethnographer
  14. Paschoud, Cecilia: In Between The Outward Bound. Teenage Rites of Passage
  15. Rossner, Lidia: IN PROGRESS: CONSTRUCTING CULTURE.Voices behind a collaborative exhibition making process.
  16. Sekulovic, Ramona: A Place to go Someplace Else. Film project: Humans are Here Too
  17. Skok, Alexia: Life in Limbo: The Forced Repatriation and State-imposed Identity Management of Kosovo´s Roma and Ashkali Communities (thesis and photography project)
  18. Smith, Emily: DEEP ROOTS, DORMANT BRANCHES. Collections, Collaboration and Intergenerational Perspectives. An ethnographic visual research project in Eastern Germany
  19. Snoek, Lisa: Organizing Freedom - How Can Ruigoord Exist Without an Ambiguous Organizational Structure (thesis and film project)
  20. Tabbers, Julie: Sense of Light (thesis and film project)
  21. Wichmann, Amanda: Betwixt & Between. Children of the Valley