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List of Generation 4

Graduation 2013

  1. Abdollahian, Asal Akhavan: LIMBO: A shared visual anthropological research with a refugee in Berlin
  2. Bage, Karin: Una Conexión. An Exploration of Grassroot Environmental Mobilization among U.S. Latinos in Silicon Valley, California (thesis and film)
  3. Bologna, Juliana: Romaria dos Cavaleiros de Santana (Resisting and Renewing over Time) (thesis and film: Cavaleiros de Santana, 35min. Brazil)
  4. Borrmann, Josefine M.: A Question of PErspective - A self-reflective analysis (thesis and film)
  5. Dragone, Francesco: Shared Visions: A Collaboration on Artistic Practice  (thesis and film)
  6. Frucht, Katarina: Coffee Talks (thesis and film)
  7. Goldmann, Jordana: Understanding Together - Using visual research methods to improve understanding between health care providers and patients in the clinical setting (thesis and film)  
  8. Hovsepian, Krista: A Case Study of the North American Vinyasa Yoga Diaspora: How do long-term practitioners perceive their yoga practices's influence on positive changes in their lives? (thesis and film: "Flow") 
  9. Ianni, Clara: Mothers: Construct - History (thesis and film)
  10. Laranjeiro, Catarina: We, the War (thesis and film: "Pavia de Ahos") 
  11. Libermann, Tami: NAPPS: Memoire of an Invisible Man (thesis and film)
  12. McKelvy, Liana: Potlatch and The Art of Giving (thesis and film)
  13. Moore, D. E.: I.f ARE: Becoming Still Movement - A Visual Research Project with the Korean Border  (thesis and film: "Dansumae")
  14. Ólafsdóttir, Halla: Books with Remoulade: Visual research on the sense of place - Neriusaaq Bookshop in Tasiilaq, East Greenland (thesis and film)
  15. Palmer, Amber: Discussion of Cultural Relativism: A Failed Perspective in an Ethnocentric World (thesis and animation film: "Cultural relativism: A discussion from an outside perspective, 30min.)
  16. Pape, Johan Ask: Under Pressure: A complex relation (thesis and film)
  17. Ryba-Kahn, Sharon: Mechanisms of Israel's National-Collective Identity-Construction (thesis and film: "Seeds of Identity")
  18. Scott, Sarah Jane: Diary of a Place (thesis and film)
  19. Terry, Mike: OCCUPATION: Structures of the Berlin Brigade (thesis and photography exhibition)
  20. Toiviainen, Mikko: The Organisation of Space on a Migratory Island (thesis and film)
  21. Vendelbo, Mai: "Look here. Look. Such a child you have never seen before" (thesis and film)
  22. Zaremba, Julia: Fishing and Beyond (thesis and film)