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Generation 5

Graduation October 2014

  1. Abekasis, Meital: MA thesis: The Power of the Oppressed. MA film: Father. Land. Israel 56 min., OmeU
  2. Aino, Eluned Zoe: MA thesis: "Twice opon a time. Fairy tale as means of transmitting culture through appropriaton and retelling in contemporary Czech Society" Film: "Spalicek rodin. A miscellany of families". 37:00 Min. Czech, Engl with Engl subtitles. Czech Republic 2014.
  3. Amundsen, Vidar Lien: MA thesis: "Northern Love Stories. A visual ethnography of love". MA film: "Northern Love Stories"  32:31 min. Norwegian with engl. subtitles, Norway 2014.
  4. Cheong, Kin Man: MA thesis and film: Uma Ficcao Inútil (A useless fiction): A Native Manifesto. Macau 2014.
  5. Dael, van Loek: MA thesis and photography project: Authority Legitimization in Religious Terms. On the Buddhist Engagement with Discourses of Authority in Contemporary Thailand.
  6. Faux, Chloé: MA theis: "Inter/Views: (Re)Visions of Asylum." MA Fim project: Inter/Views, 36:00 Min
  7. Hoppe, Leyla: MA thesis and video installation: Breaking Routines. Dance Improvisation as Act of Challenging Quotidian Patterns.
  8. Karim, Igor Omar de Araujo Abdel: MA thesis: "The four Bodies of a Camera: reflections about the ontological cine-eye or how the camera speaks through words." MA film project: "Three Bodies of a Camera" 33:00 Min, English and Portuguese with Engl subtitles, Brazil & Germany 2014
  9. Ledésert, Come: MA thesis: Waiting rituals in Lampedusa. An alternative visual approach of an overexposed place by media. MA film: "Persisting Dreams", Italian with engl. subtitles, Italy 2014.
  10. Narang, Smeeta: MA thesis: “Identity and Emotion: Urdu Language, Poetry and Mushaira”, Title of film: “Mushaira: Unity of Spirit”
  11. Nsiah, Jacqueline. MA thesis: "Returning from Exile"
  12. Osthues, Claudia: Master thesis: Maternal Leave. Cultural Concepts of Motherhood and Fatherhood and their Impact on Paternal Leaves in Germany
  13. Petri, Vlad: MA thesis: "The anthropology of the revolutionary public space in Romania. Visual representations of the protest". Film: "United, We Save Rosia Montana" 26 Min, Romania 2014. Romanian with engl. subtitles.
  14. Phillips, Cristian: MA thesis: "Exchanging Intimacies: Self-Pornographic Representations"
  15. Pitkänen, Vera Helena: MA thesis and photography project: "A glimpse into the divine. A visual study of girls' experience in vodun convents in the border are of Benin and Togo".
  16. Robey-Lawrence, Ariana: Master thesis and video installation: "Shaking habits: an exploration of collaborative production, positioning, and praxes among  self-proclaimed female or feminist electronic music producers".
  17. Rosengren, S. Mathilda: Master thesis and video installation: "Urban planning, perception and power in the city of Gothenburg"
  18. Rhou, Chaymaa: MA thesis: Male violence against prostitutes in Morocco. MA film: Nadya. 21:36 Min. OmeU, Morocco 2014.
  19. Scherffig, Clara Miranda: MA thesis: "In Between Gioviannis. Situating the Lampedusian Space within narratives of labour". MA film: "In Between Gioviannis" 20:00 min. Italian with Engl subtitles. Italy 2014
  20. Sturny, Mario: MA thesis: "Umgesiedelt - Rehoused. An Inquiry on the Notion of Heimat" MA Film project: "Umgesiedelt - Rehaused" 40min. German with engl. subtitles, Germany 2014
  21. Turk, Ramazan: MA thesis: "Pontus in Occident - Behind a historical society of Black Sea, and their music culture" MA Film project: "Pontus in exile: Radio Akrites" 35min. Greek, German and Turkish with English subtitles, Greece & Turkey 2014