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MA Thesis List

Generation 10

Generation 9 

Generation 8

Generation 7

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Generation 5

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Generation 1

Generation 10: Graduation 2019

Konstantinos Diamantis: MA Thesis title: Graffiti 2.0, Concepts & Practices of the Graffiti Community in the Social Media Era

Nagy, Zsofia A.: MA Thesis: "Against the Odds: How living with visual impairment affects one’s ability to find a sense of purpose in life". Film: "Against the Odds", 28 min, Hungary

Oriente, Marina L. :MA Thesis: "The Occidental Body and the Body of Iboga in a Bwiti Ritual: Ethnographic Knowledge in the current globalised spiritual liberation movement". Audiovisual Installation: "yen", Dual projection digital video, TV, Minidv, audio segments, smartphones, oscilloscope, objects. Gabon/Germany

Piggott, Andrew: MA Thesis: “Find Your Feet: African Football Migration to Vietnam”. Film: “Find Your Feet”, 54mins, Vietnam

Poh, Charmaine: MA Thesis: How She Loves: An Exploration of Queer Feminine Performativity in Singapore Multimedia Installation. Singapore 

Quigua, Claudia F.: MA thesis: Motels: An Ethnographic Study of Short-Term Spaces for Sexual Privacy in the Urban Landscape. Film: "Motels", 27:26 min, Colombia/Germany

Schebler, Ina: MA Thesis: “’You Don’t Say Peace’: How the Approach of a Local Organization in the Lebanese City of Tripoli Challenges the International Peacebuilding System. Film: “Trabolsi”, 56 Minutes, Lebanon

Serrano, José D.: MA Thesis: The Tale of La Manguita. An Exploration of memory and its relation with place in the process of becoming, analyzing the various narratives created through the stories told from different generations about our abandoned house in the city of Neiva Colombia". Film: "The Tale of La Manguita", 30 min, Berlin, Bogotá, Neiva.

van Meurs, Britte: MA Thesis: Life on a Ring Road: A Sensory Ethnography on the Everyday of Ukrainian Non-Resident Truck Drivers. Film: The Yellow Submarine, 22 min

Wang, Clélia: MA Thesis: Bourgonn Nation. Co-creating with a (neuro)diverse Other." Film : "Bourgonn Nation", 15 min. France/Germany

Yildirim, S. Buse: MA Thesis: " Guess I am living here": A New Wave of Turkish Migration in Berlin. Film: "Ghostly", 12 min, Turkey/Germany

Generation 9: Graduation 2018

1. Birgisdóttir, Hrönn Blöndal: MA thesis: "Performing the self online: An ethnographic study on Instagram and the perception of self". Multi-media installation: "Social Currencies & Performances" 

2. Blankholm Na, Laura: MA thesis: "Splintering The Racial Other. The lived experience among Muslim youth in Denmark and the transgressive potential of ethnofiction". Film: "With Our Eyes", 41 min, Denmark

3. Borioli, Aladin: MA thesis: "Electronic Monitored Hives: a technological enhancement of an interspecies relationship". Film without images: "Hiss", 33 Min, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland, USA, France, England

4. Boteler, Ben: MA thesis: "Microstories: A summer experiment microdosing LSD". Film. 25 Min, Germany

5. Contreras Castro, Aldonza: M.A. Thesis:“Inside the Mazatec dreams. An exploration of the Mazatec traditional Medicine”. Film: “Into the Mazatec Dream”, Mexico

6. de Dalmau Huguet, Hans: MA Thesis: “Ethnography of a political process mediated by technology”. Film: “Misbehaved”, 46 min, Catalonia/Berlin

7. Dupré, Tine: MA Thesis: “In a space of Irony and Confusion”. Film: “A Tale of Love & Drugs”, Brussels

8. Gak, Ana: MA Thesis: “Me Trajiv Ando Kava Trajo (In This Life I Exist)”

9. Ganor Shira: MA thesis: "Life Transitioning. Phenomenological examination of the experience of transitioning from mainstream, capitalist, industrial life into a permaculture based, self-sustainable one". Film: "WE MUST PLANT THE FOREST" 30 min, Portugal

10. Geraldi, Luiza: M.A. Thesis:“Lo que elijo de mí misma (what I choose to show about myself). Discussing Latin identity in Berlin through a photography workshop in a women’s center”. Multimedia Installation, Germany

11. Harding, Michael-Oliver: MA Thesis: “Decolonizing the Banlieues, Diversifying the Newsrooms: A Multivocal Anthropology of Resistance”. Multimedia Installation. France

12. Katsumoto, Sayaka: MA thesis: "Emotional, Inner, and Physical Experiences: Conversion into Protestant Christianity in Japan". Installation: "Sing a New Song", Headphone, Curtain, Podium, Chair, Video 9 min, 16:9, Binaural Stereo Sound, Japan

13. Koebler, Michelle Melody: MA Thesis: “Towards Mass Adoption?: Exploring Virtual Social Reality Through Digital Anthropology inquiry”

14. Lee, Dasom: MA thesis: "Ruins of a Splendid Holiday". Film: "Ruins of a Splendid Holiday" 26 Min, South Korea 2018 

15. Leshner, Emily: MA Thesis: “In the Cloud(s): A Study into Shifting Perceptions of Death in the Digital Age”

16. Magnússon, Jón Bjarki: MA thesis: "Half Elf: How the notions of aging, memories and attachment are experienced between a couple that are reaching the end of their lives." Film: "Half Elf" 53 Min, Iceland

17. Medina Patron, Bethania: MA Thesis: “Ekmegini Yedigin Yer (The Place You Eat Your Bread). Reflections on Belonging in “Middle Eastern” Political Engagement in the United States”. United States

18. Mekonen, Solomon A.: MA Thesis: "I Am Black Now: A Phenomenologically Grounded Autoethnography of Becoming Black in Berlin". Film: "Emails to My Little Sister", 38 min, Ethiopia/Germany

19. Musielak, Michalina: MA thesis: "THE VIEW. Polish-Jewish relations across history, in memory, as instantiated in space". Film: "THE VIEW" 20 Min, Poland 2018. 

20. Nugent, Brittany: MA Thesis: Asylum Imaginary. Smartphones as Tools for Imagination and Memory at A Network for Migrant Women in Athens, Greece”

21. Resch, Michaela: MA thesis "The Past within the Present. Discussing the correlation between emotional wounds and strategies of action and communication. A reflection on making the multisided ethnographic film HERZ STICHT“. Film: "Herz Sticht“ 45 Min, Austria/Germany

22. Rizek, J. G.: MA Thesis: "Ghosts in the Hallway. The Reichstag and the Influence of Architecture.", Germany

23. Thompson, Joanna: MA thesis: "Ekemeğini Yediğin Yer (The Place You Eat Your Bread): Reflections on Belonging in "Middle Eastern" Political Engagement in the United States". New York, USA

24. Wüst, Veronica: MA Thesis: “Personal Processes of Change in the context of Migration”. Film: “Chimera”

25. Contreras Castro, Aldonza: MA thesis: "Inside the Mazatec Mountains: a Phenomenological Exploration of the Mazatec Traditional Medicine". Film: “Into the Mazatec Dream”, 40 min, Mexico

Generation 8: Graduation 2017

1. Ahmed El Kadi: MA Thesis "Between Dreams and Reality: The Dance of Survival."

2. Blake Kendall: MA Thesis "Aliens Wachting the Eco System."

3. Brian KP Karp: MA Thesis "Expectations Surrounding Birth. Contemporary Western Personification Rituals for Perinatal Grief in the Context of Biomedicine"

4. Carlo Paolucci: MA Thesis "Is the population aging the next social problem? The Symbolic Alienation of the Experience of Growing Older in Atalian Residential Care Facilities."

5. Carmen Belaschk: MA Thesis "Musikalische Erinneringen an eine Kriegsgeneration - Drei Lebensgeschichten aus Berliner Alterseinrichtungen."

6. Caroline Bertram: MA Thesis "For Gods and Heads: Imaginations and perceptions about hair as sacrificial offering turned commodity."

7. Céline Burnand: "Ophidian practices in Egypt."

8. Dario Bosio: MA Thesis “Of Hopes and Borders: the struggle for agency among migrants facing an enforced stop on their route.”

9. Dongjoo Seo: MA Thesis "Mediating the world of the mind."

10. Elizabeth Glauser: MA Thesis "The Culture of Paperwork: a study of Pakistani migrants’ experience of bureaucracy in the German asylum seeking system."

11. Ellen Lapper: MA Thesis "Postcolonial Paradoxes: A visual ethnography of British AngloIndians in South London."

12. Giulia Sandri: MA Thesis "In search of depth. Autoethnorgraphy of four months with no visual aids."

13. Henry Denyer-Simmons: MA Thesis "Pocket Picking: Young Men & Gambling in New South Wales, Australia."

14. Joanna Sleigh: MA Thesis "Digital Data Shadow Donation: A digital anthropological study."

15. José Pablo Guzmán: MA Thesis "Exploring the notion of Neuroanthropology in young architects."

16. Kate Blackmore: MA Thesis "Objects of Resistance: The colonial debate surrounding the ownership of the Gweagal spears."

17. Lea Sorth: MA Thesis "Love and Boarders. Immigration laws in Denmark for Family Reunification."

18. Nadim Boughanmi: MA Thesis "Iron Bubbles. Enclaves of Common Understanding in Bangkok – an ethnography on modern day expatriation in Thailand´s capital."

19. Maren Wickwire: MA Thesis "„Staying Strong“: Preacrity and Self-determination among Filipino Migrant Workers in Cyprus."

20. Olivier Llouquet: MA Thesis "Hope and resilience in suspended time. The case of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the United Kingdom."

21. Pamela Slass: MA Thesis "Kuuki o youmu and omoiyari in Situ: Lived Experience of Sensed Communication in Present Day Tokyo."

22. Rika Febriyani: MA Thesis "High-Rise Living in Jakarta and the process of making home."

23.Suzanne Beukes: MA Thesis "An exploration of the experience of black comedians trying to `to make it` in South Africa´s mainstream comedy scene."

24. Ursula Sommer: MA Thesis "Whose Land? A critical ethnography of protest."

25. Valerie von Kittlitz: MA Thesis "Thriftless Fashions, Hopeful Revolutions: Motivations of Movement Makers in Digitally Networked Activism."

26. Xiao Jing Ji: MA Thesis "Curtain Call on Chinese Traditional Opera in Chin. A research in Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe."

27. Yoonha Kim: MA Thesis "Mixed Reality Fashion. A visual anthropological research on fashion design practice in between virtual and physical reality."

28. Zeid Deeb: MA Thesis "Dreams Extended.“

Generation 7: Graduation 2016

  1. Anahis Sanchez Teran: MA Thesis "The Mirror." Film.

  2. Anna Grundensten: MA Thesis "Fragments." Film.

  3. Anne Chahine: MA Thesis "Memory Is Not About The Past." Exhibition.

  4. Belina Xu: MA Thesis: "The Origin Tapes." Film.

  5. Bridgette Borm: MA Thesis "Waiting For The Tide To Turn." Exhibition.

  6. Carolina Betancourt: MA Thesis "On Earth And Healing." Film.

  7. Deepak Tolange: MA Thesis "Dust." Film.

  8. Gregory Latham: MA Thesis "In The Crowd." Film.

  9. Gretchen Faust: MA Thesis "Take Care Y'all." Film.

  10. Jeff Coons: MA Thesis "The Mills." Film.

  11. Jie Liang Lin: MA Thesis "The Zhuang Appellation: A Story Of Assimilation." Film.

  12. Jonas Blume: MA Thesis "We Live Online." Exhibition.

  13. Juan Riumallo Grüzmacher: MA Thesis "Onkel Günter." Film.

  14. Kin Lok Wong: MA Thesis "The Stories Of The Island Village." Film.

  15. Luisa Orduno: MA Thesis "Dreams And Memories: Illustrating The Wetlands." Exhibition.

  16. Melody Howse: MA Thesis "Up All Night." Exhibition.

  17. Michaela Lola Abrera: MA Thesis "Children Of Neon." Exhibition.

  18. Monica Toledo Fraginals: MA Thesis "For The Love Of Mole." Film.

  19. Nate Tjoeng: MA Thesis "The Digital Promise." Film.

  20. Randav Adhikari: MA Thesis "The Song Of Woe, We Offer To Steeps." Film.

  21. Sara Wiederkehr Gonzalez: MA Thesis "Wetland Stories." Exhibition.

  22. Sharmeela Harris: MA Thesis "Radical Routes." Exhibition.

  23. Yun Ke: MA Thesis "DayFly." Film.

Generation 6: Graduation 2015

  1. Ambrosi Turbay, Luisa: MA thesis and film project. title will follow. 
  2. Andreea Campeanu: MA Thesis: “Women and Political Art in Romania.” Photographic Exhibition. Romania.
  3. Bita Babolian: Denying and Acceptance of Body. Beyond Woman's Self-Immolation in Iran. Virtual Exhibition.
  4. Chloe Elliot Hughes: MA Thesis: “The Art of War.” Written thesis with audio/visual material. Australia.

  5. Eugenia Seriakov: “Performing the Summit – The G7 Summit and its Impact on the Local.”  Video Installation. Austria. 
  6. Erickson, Heidemarie: Authoring Loss: In-between crossing borders (written thesis). I am not here (film). 
  7. Ivan Jevic: “Mind If I Smoke While You’re Eating?” Film. Found Footage.

  8. Jóhanna Björk Sveinbjörnsdóttir: “Underneath the Shieldshaped Mountain, the Helicopter, and the Sun.” Multi-media Installation. Greenland.

  9. Juan Sebastian Gómez: “Development Narratives of Colombia’s Sumapaz Farmers: Sumapaz Agrarian Union.”  Colombia.

  10. Karly Domb Sadof: “Land of a Thousand Likes: Understanding Thai Visual Media Consumption on Instagram in Bangkok.” Photographic and mixed media installation.  Thailand.

  11. Laura Jordan Montejo: “A GoPro Ethnography. Recollections of a Personal Journey Across Visual Representations with Anatilde Rojas.”  Film: “Sobremesas.” Columbia. 

  12. Marcela Vanega: Breathe. Film. Columbia, Germany.

  13. Mary Zweifel: “Adamou Moves: An Audiovisual Ethnography Exploring Migration as a Rite of Passage.Film: “Adamou Moves.” Germany.

  14. Miona Paskulov: “Public Lives of Our Wombs. The Importance of Motherhood in Serbia and the Social Pressure to Become Mothers.”  Film: “Public Lives of Our Wombs.” Serbia. 

  15. Molly Willows: “Before the Wave: A written thesis with the Moken of Koh Phayam” Film: “Before the Wave.” Thailand. 

  16. Nena Hedrick: “Rattle them Bars: Radio Appropriation, Self-Identity and the Senses in the Audiovisual Counter-Narrative of East Texas Prisons. Multi-media installation.  USA. 
  17. Lecat, Paul: MA thesis. photography work
  18. Nerid Eliézer Solórzano Mejía: “Besides the Defense of Territory: Indigenous Identity and Territory in the Case of the Coca Community of Mezcala de la Asunción, Mexico” (written thesis) Title of Film: The Defense of Territory.  Mexico

  19. Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen: “Sensory Ethnography and the Self – New Models for Personal Journeys.” Film: Hungarian Lullaby. Norway, Austria, Hungary.

  20. Riccardo Buck: “Parole de Figlio.” Film. Italy. 

  21. Roger Horn: “These Objects, Those Memories: Female Migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa.”  Film: “These Objects, Those Memories.” South Africa. 

  22. Ruth Sherman: “Transcend-Dance: The Life of a Dancer, the Language of Dance.” Film. Germany

  23. Sebastiàn Osorno Chàvez: MA thesis: “Privileged Senses: An Intersubjective Anthropological Study of Body Senses’ Education on Bogota’s Upper Class.” Photographic and Video Installation.  Colombia.

  24. Sungeun Kim: “The Memory of the 25th Hour: Visualizing Gangjeong Struggle.” Film: “The 25th Hour.”  South Korea.

  25. Teresa Tiburcio Jimenez: Berlin. Wie, bitte? An exploration of the construction of online platforms for mutual support of young Spanish immigrants in Berlin.

Generation 5: Graduation 2014

  1. Abekasis, Meital: MA thesis: The Power of the Oppressed. MA film: Father. Land. Israel 56 min., OmeU
  2. Aino, Eluned Zoe: MA thesis: "Twice opon a time. Fairy tale as means of transmitting culture through appropriaton and retelling in contemporary Czech Society" Film: "Spalicek rodin. A miscellany of families". 37:00 Min. Czech, Engl with Engl subtitles. Czech Republic 2014.
  3. Amundsen, Vidar Lien: MA thesis: "Northern Love Stories. A visual ethnography of love". MA film: "Northern Love Stories"  32:31 min. Norwegian with engl. subtitles, Norway 2014.
  4. Cheong, Kin Man: MA thesis and film: Uma Ficcao Inútil (A useless fiction): A Native Manifesto. Macau 2014.
  5. Dael, van Loek: MA thesis and photography project: Authority Legitimization in Religious Terms. On the Buddhist Engagement with Discourses of Authority in Contemporary Thailand.
  6. Faux, Chloé: MA theis: "Inter/Views: (Re)Visions of Asylum." MA Fim project: Inter/Views, 36:00 Min
  7. Hoppe, Leyla: MA thesis and video installation: Breaking Routines. Dance Improvisation as Act of Challenging Quotidian Patterns.
  8. Karim, Igor Omar de Araujo Abdel: MA thesis: "The four Bodies of a Camera: reflections about the ontological cine-eye or how the camera speaks through words." MA film project: "Three Bodies of a Camera" 33:00 Min, English and Portuguese with Engl subtitles, Brazil & Germany 2014
  9. Ledésert, Come: MA thesis: Waiting rituals in Lampedusa. An alternative visual approach of an overexposed place by media. MA film: "Persisting Dreams", Italian with engl. subtitles, Italy 2014.
  10. Narang, Smeeta: MA thesis: “Identity and Emotion: Urdu Language, Poetry and Mushaira”, Title of film: “Mushaira: Unity of Spirit”
  11. Nsiah, Jacqueline. MA thesis: "Returning from Exile"
  12. Osthues, Claudia: Master thesis: Maternal Leave. Cultural Concepts of Motherhood and Fatherhood and their Impact on Paternal Leaves in Germany
  13. Petri, Vlad: MA thesis: "The anthropology of the revolutionary public space in Romania. Visual representations of the protest". Film: "United, We Save Rosia Montana" 26 Min, Romania 2014. Romanian with engl. subtitles.
  14. Phillips, Cristian: MA thesis: "Exchanging Intimacies: Self-Pornographic Representations"
  15. Pitkänen, Vera Helena: MA thesis and photography project: "A glimpse into the divine. A visual study of girls' experience in vodun convents in the border are of Benin and Togo".
  16. Robey-Lawrence, Ariana: Master thesis and video installation: "Shaking habits: an exploration of collaborative production, positioning, and praxes among  self-proclaimed female or feminist electronic music producers".
  17. Rosengren, S. Mathilda: Master thesis and video installation: "Urban planning, perception and power in the city of Gothenburg"
  18. Rhou, Chaymaa: MA thesis: Male violence against prostitutes in Morocco. MA film: Nadya. 21:36 Min. OmeU, Morocco 2014.
  19. Scherffig, Clara Miranda: MA thesis: "In Between Gioviannis. Situating the Lampedusian Space within narratives of labour". MA film: "In Between Gioviannis" 20:00 min. Italian with Engl subtitles. Italy 2014
  20. Stallforth, Manuel: MA thesis: Femen - The body as protest. MA Film: Femen
  21. Sturny, Mario: MA thesis: "Umgesiedelt - Rehoused. An Inquiry on the Notion of Heimat" MA Film project: "Umgesiedelt - Rehaused" 40min. German with engl. subtitles, Germany 2014
  22. Turk, Ramazan: MA thesis: "Pontus in Occident - Behind a historical society of Black Sea, and their music culture" MA Film project: "Pontus in exile: Radio Akrites" 35min. Greek, German and Turkish with English subtitles, Greece & Turkey 2014

Generation 4: Graduation 2013

  1. Abdollahian, Asal Akhavan: LIMBO: A shared visual anthropological research with a refugee in Berlin
  2. Bage, Karin: Una Conexión. An Exploration of Grassroot Environmental Mobilization among U.S. Latinos in Silicon Valley, California (thesis and film)
  3. Bologna, Juliana: Romaria dos Cavaleiros de Santana (Resisting and Renewing over Time) (thesis and film: Cavaleiros de Santana, 35min. Brazil)
  4. Borrmann, Josefine M.: A Question of PErspective - A self-reflective analysis (thesis and film)
  5. Dragone, Francesco: Shared Visions: A Collaboration on Artistic Practice  (thesis and film)
  6. Frucht, Katarina: Coffee Talks (thesis and film)
  7. Goldmann, Jordana: Understanding Together - Using visual research methods to improve understanding between health care providers and patients in the clinical setting (thesis and film)  
  8. Hovsepian, Krista: A Case Study of the North American Vinyasa Yoga Diaspora: How do long-term practitioners perceive their yoga practices's influence on positive changes in their lives? (thesis and film: "Flow") 
  9. Ianni, Clara: Mothers: Construct - History (thesis and film)
  10. Laranjeiro, Catarina: We, the War (thesis and film: "Pavia de Ahos") 
  11. Libermann, Tami: NAPPS: Memoire of an Invisible Man (thesis and film)
  12. McKelvy, Liana: Potlatch and The Art of Giving (thesis and film)
  13. Moore, D. E.: I.f ARE: Becoming Still Movement - A Visual Research Project with the Korean Border  (thesis and film: "Dansumae")
  14. Ólafsdóttir, Halla: Books with Remoulade: Visual research on the sense of place - Neriusaaq Bookshop in Tasiilaq, East Greenland (thesis and film)
  15. Palmer, Amber: Discussion of Cultural Relativism: A Failed Perspective in an Ethnocentric World (thesis and animation film: "Cultural relativism: A discussion from an outside perspective, 30min.)
  16. Pape, Johan Ask: Under Pressure: A complex relation (thesis and film)
  17. Ryba-Kahn, Sharon: Mechanisms of Israel's National-Collective Identity-Construction (thesis and film: "Seeds of Identity")
  18. Scott, Sarah Jane: Diary of a Place (thesis and film)
  19. Terry, Mike: OCCUPATION: Structures of the Berlin Brigade (thesis and photography exhibition)
  20. Toiviainen, Mikko: The Organisation of Space on a Migratory Island (thesis and film)
  21. Vendelbo, Mai: "Look here. Look. Such a child you have never seen before" (thesis and film)
  22. Zaremba, Julia: Fishing and Beyond (thesis and film)

Generation 3: Graduation 2012

  1. Ali, Manizhe: The Passion for Hussain/Mourning Rituals of Sia Muslims in Pakistan
  2. Cahana, Kitra: Photo essay: Traveling Kids; and written thesis: The Making of Nomadic Thought in the Traveling Kid Community
  3. Corbett-Ashby, Emma: Creating Narratives of Recovery in a Culture that Glorifies Addiction and Self Destruction (audio-installation and written thesis)
  4. Ferrari, Sara: Between Chagra and the Minimarket: Of How a Huitoto Woman Survives in the Amazon of the Twenty First Century
  5. Flynn, Rick: Golf Alpha Yankee – An Investigation of Life as a Gay Iranian Refugee in Turkey (film project and written thesis)
  6. Foteinou, Elina: This is What Democracy Looks Like! -Fragments of an Occupied Reality
  7. Fylaktos, Eleftherio: Café Finovo - Geschichten fürs Leben / Stories for Life
  8. Gallo, Raffaele: Image and Memory
  9. Hoffmann, Lorenz: Generation „Maybe“ – Life as a Gamble
  10. Jaramillo, Alejandro: Tales Coconuts Tell: The cultural trajectory of a commodity among the Guna of Mulatupu, Guna Yala
  11. John, Thomas: Media and Art Practices as Articulations of Indegenous Contemporaneities in Chiapas
  12. Kivelä, Tiina: No Tar Sands, No Pipelines, No Tankers on our Coast: Building a Grassroots Environmental Movement in Vancouver, British Columbia
  13. Morey, Stephane: ICF: Marketing for Jesus. Oxymorons of an Evangelical Ethnographer
  14. Paschoud, Cecilia: In Between The Outward Bound. Teenage Rites of Passage
  15. Rossner, Lidia: IN PROGRESS: CONSTRUCTING CULTURE.Voices behind a collaborative exhibition making process.
  16. Sekulovic, Ramona: A Place to go Someplace Else. Film project: Humans are Here Too
  17. Skok, Alexia: Life in Limbo: The Forced Repatriation and State-imposed Identity Management of Kosovo´s Roma and Ashkali Communities (thesis and photography project)
  18. Smith, Emily: DEEP ROOTS, DORMANT BRANCHES. Collections, Collaboration and Intergenerational Perspectives. An ethnographic visual research project in Eastern Germany
  19. Snoek, Lisa: Organizing Freedom - How Can Ruigoord Exist Without an Ambiguous Organizational Structure (thesis and film project)
  20. Tabbers, Julie: Sense of Light (thesis and film project)
  21. Wichmann, Amanda: Betwixt & Between. Children of the Valley

Generation 2: Graduation 2011

  1. Beyer, Laura Caecilia (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Gert-Matthias Wegner, second assesor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Buddhist Philosophy within German Business Management
  2. Cunha Fiuza, Beatriz (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Building a Community with Care
  3. la Cour, Eva  (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) A Tour with Maxi Taxi in Longyearbyen
  4. Detalle, Benoît (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Glued
  5. Devkota, Fidel (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Climate change and ist Socio-cultural Impact in the Himalayan Region of Nepal – A visual Documentation / Film: Shambala. A story of paradise lost, 50min. Nepal 2011.
  6. Dusan, Petkovic (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) The Roundabout. Evanescence of a Public Space in Lilongwe, Malawi
  7. Ferreira, Ana Elisa Estrela (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Peter Ian Crawford, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Reading the World: Viewing Youth and Adults in Literacy Process
  8. Jacobs, StarLynn Marie (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Living Color Living Sound: Auto-ethnography from an American Rainbow (thesis and film project)
  9. Kapaki, Maria (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second assessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Digital Death and Digital Suicide
  10. Kiani, Sarah (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) One Big Holiday
  11. Leszkowicz, Milena (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Staging, Framing, Rembering: An investigation about everyday life with photographs and photography In combination with the film: „It’s the past“
  12. Ma, Hongshan (first assessor: Dr. Thorolf Lipp, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). Between Idealism and Reality: The Dilemmas Encountered by an Eco-museum in China
  13. Mahr, Yulia (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Reel Lives: Fiction Film and Anthropology
  14. Mertens, Nora (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) On the Industrialization Process, (Hawaiian) Indigenous Sustainability and a Methodological Change in Anthropological Research / Film: Perspectives on Aloha, 45 min. Hawaii 2011.
  15. Omrani, Arjang (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Home in Transcultural Condition. An Experimental Practice in Shared an Collaborative Anthropology
  16. Procopio, Silvia (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Grassroot Goups and Climate Change (thesis and film project)
  17. Quintarelli, Elena (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). Beyond Transnational Migration: Mobility and New Forms of Migration Among Italien Woman in Berlin.
  18. Rochat, Jeanne-Salomé (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). The Practice of Art and the Act of Documenting
  19. Sheikholeslami, Aida (first assessor: Dr. Samuli Schielke, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming) Welcome Home. A master’s thesis on Cultural identity and migration: An auto-ethnographic study
  20. Trebbin, Alina (first assessor: Dr. Rossella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming). Berlin, Vistas (photogrpahy thesis project)
  21. Voigt, Christina (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming, second asessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Virtual Nature and Landscapes (thesis project)

Generation 1: Graduation 2010

  1. Becker, Tobias (first assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Dr. Jochen Seebode) Vertikale Wildnis. Imagination und Verortung am Bugarach und Canigou (Thesis and photography project)
  2. Dürr, Karin (First assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming) Visual Biography. Filming the outside is coming closer to the inside (Thesis and film project)
  3. Feijó, Diamantino (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second acessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Angola: Stories of a Colonized People. (Thesis and Film project: "Angola does not belong to anybody")
  4. Fox, Samantha (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second acessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) I feel Brandenburg (Master thesis and photography project)
  5. Fredrich, Marie-Claire (first assessor: Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming) Woman with the video camera. Collaborative Film Project with the Gulabi Gang – Female Rights Movement in Bundelkhand, India.
  6. Javdani, Sadaf (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) No country for young men. Thesis and Film project
  7. Joosu-Palu, Tiina  (first assessor: Dr. Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Applied Visual Anthropology and Development Communication: Participatory Video and Education-Entertainment Projects Targeting Social Change
  8. Lässer, Anna  (First assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming) Cohesion of Abdou's Brotherhood. Migrating from Dakar to Madrid (Thesis and Film project)
  9. Marks, Günter (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Rapatured Spaces. Visual approach to embodied experiences in conflict-zones. A theory of a walking tour in the West-Bank. (Thesis and film project: "Walking with Heritage")
  10. Marsden, Pauline (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second acessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Photography to promote social Aims. The use of photographs as a PR instrument by social organisations and the practical example of the German Development Service (DED) in Vietnam (59 pages, photography calendar)
  11. Möpert, Kay (first assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming) Framing the social space of indigenous Kamchatka. The state of family reproduction among the indigenous small people of the North (INSPN) in the post-Soviet era (thesis and film project: "The inner Kamchatka)
  12. Röckelein, Caroline (first assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming) Finders Keepers. Dreamless Sleepers. A project about Burmese expatriates living and working in Thailand on a rubbish dump (Thesis and Film project)
  13. Stempel, Anna (First assessor: Dr. Rosella Ragazzi, second assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming) Heimat in times of Globalization. (Thesis and Film project: Home stories, Pal, 36min., with engl. subtitles)
  14. Tscholl, Martin (first assessor: Prof. Undine Frömming, second assessor: Prof. Michael Dickhardt) Das Andere der Ordnung. Ein ethnographischer Film über das Erleben von Sinnkonstruktion vor dem Hintergrund der kulturphilosophischen Moderne des Abendlandes (Thesis and Film project: "Das andere der Ordnung")