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The M.A. Program in Visual and Media Anthropology is the winner of E-learning Award 2011 of CeDiS (Centre for Dgital Systems) at Freie Universität Berlin in the category "Good practice-Examples for E-elearning-/blended learning Scenarios in teaching"

The learning methods of this Master's program are a combination of e-learning and in-house classes, so called "blended learning".

Besides the four in-house classes during the two years (twice two weeks and twice one week) the other 50 % of the course is held via e-learning.

We use a combination of five different e-learning and communication technologies:

1. Webinar: Adobe Connect eSeminars

Real-time eSminars with virtual classes across devices including mobile learning iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, and BlackBerry, as well as the desktop with no client downloads for learners. Our lecturers are trained by a professional Adobe connect trainer.


2. CMS-Online-Modules

Course content, literature, digital media and assignments are presented online via a clearly arranged Content Management System (CMS)

Image 2: CMS Online Module with Content, Readings, Films and Assignments

3. Learning Management System - LMS Blackboard

The LMS Blackboard is a text based communication tool with weekly discussions via the discussion board.

The discussion board allows students and lecturer to present ideas, presentations and essays online and time-flexible to their lecturers and fellow students.

4. Skype

Free communication through voice, video calls and instant messages with your lecturers and fellow students. Especially used for individual supervsion of final MA projects