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Facilities of the M.A. program in Visual and Media Anthropology 

The MA program and research area “Visual and Media Anthropology” is part of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Department Political and Social Sciences. The institute has three main houses. 

House I of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology is located in the Dahlem district of Berlin, at Landoltweg 9-11, in one of the villas that are typical for the FU campus. It hosts a seminar room and the student-run café Goldfish. It is only a very short walking distance away from the main buildings and central cafeteria of Freie Universität Berlin. 


The institute at Landolweg 9-11, Berlin-Dahlem with its beautiful and spacious garden, where students can relax before and after classes.

An additional villa, around the corner of Landoltweg, at Thielallee 52 was acquired by the department in 2013. It houses three editing suits of our MA Program in the basement of the villa and offices for academic staff. 

Thielallee 52, House II of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Foto: Mike Terry

Editing room of the MA Program in Visual and Media Anthropology. Foto: Mike Terry

The central university library, located in Garystrasse 55, as well as the political- and social sciences library, which since 2007 hosts a large anthropological collection, are also within easy walking distance. Furthermore, students can use the philological library  - Link to photo gallery of the library http://www.fu-berlin.de/en/sites/philbib/fotostrecke/index.html

The political and social sciences library is located in Ihnestrasse 21. Foto: Stefan Lucks

The philological library – The brain at Habelschwerter Alle 45

The offices of the staff of the research area and the M.A. Program in Visual and Media Anthropology are located at Iltisstrasse 7, house III of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Iltisstr. 7, Berlin-Dahlem - House III of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology 

Our intense in-house classes at the beginning of each semester take place in different conference rooms and venues across the beautiful campus of Freie Universität Berlin. The program often uses the conference rooms of Henry Ford Bau during in-house-classes.

Henry Ford Building

The Henry-Ford building is located in Garystrasse 35 Foto: Stefan Lucks

The Henry Ford Building was built between 1952 and 1954 according to the plans of the Berlin architects, Franz Heinrich Sobotka and Gustav Müller. It is located at the corner of Gary and Boltzmann Streets, near the subway stop Thielplatz. The western wing of the Henry Ford Building contains the University Library including reading rooms, offices, and a book stacks tower. The eastern wing holds lecture halls and conference rooms. The building is protected as an historic monument. It was named after Henry Ford II, who arranged the donation of 8.1 million West German marks by the U.S.-American Ford Foundation for the construction of this building complex.

Seminaris Campus Hotel & Conference Rooms

The Seminaris Campus Hotel Berlin is situated on the Campus of the Freie Universiät Berlin. It aims to suit the demands of visitors of conferences, business meetings and cultural programs in Berlin and its surroundings. The MA program Visual and Media Anthropology occasionally uses the conference rooms of the Seminaris conference centre during the in-house classes. 

The Seminaris hotel in Takustraße 39. Foto: Seminaris

The Seminaris CampusHotel also offers accommodation:


FU Clubhaus

The university club house is one of the prime locations for conferences and representative events. It is located right at the shore of the Krumme Lanke lake and Schlachtensee. The MA Visual and Media Anthropology uses the FU Clubhaus during the in-house classes for several classes.

Camera workshop at the FU clubhouse which is located in one of the most beautiful villas owned by Freie Universität in Goethestrasse 49. Foto: Mike Terry

Meeting of the EU project “Writer” of the Research Area Visual and Media Anthropology. Foto: Mike Terry


Established in 1929 as a guest house and conference venue of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society in Berlin-Dahlem, it distinguished itself, particularly in the early years, quickly as an international scientific club. It hosted prominent scientists, artists, politicians and industrialists and was a place of important political and public events. After its return to the Max Planck Society through the U.S. armed forces, which used the house as an officer’s mess until 1994, it is since 2000 the conference venue of the Max Planck Society.

The Harnack-Haus also offers beautiful guest rooms that can be rented. Foto: Mike Terry


FU Seminar centre 

The FU Seminar centre is located in Freie Universität Berlins main “Silberlaube” (silver pergola) building, right next to the famous Philological Library designed by Norman Foster. It offers spacious rooms for conferences, seminars, screenings and lectures.

The Seminar centre is located in the Silberlaube building, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26

Ethnological Museum 

The Ethnological Museum Dahlem offers seminar rooms for our MA program and we have collaborations for workshops and the production of films on exhibitions of the Humboldt Lab Dahlem at the Museum and our MA program in Visual and Media Anthropology.

The Ethnological Museum Dahlem. Lansstr. 8, Berlin 

Buildings for Administration, Academic Advice and Canteens

The central contact point for all requests concerning your studies is located in Iltisstr. 4, at the subway station Dahlem-Dorf. On the ground floor employees of the Info-Service Study receive visitors. On the first and second floor the offices of the General Academic Advising, the Psychological Counseling and the International Student Mobility – Welcome Services reside. Further facilities will also offer services in the building. http://www.fuberlin.de/en/studium/beratung/ssc/index.html

At Iltisstr. 4 you can find the Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling, free for all students of FU Berlin.

Canteens / Mensa

The canteen (Mensa) close to our institute are “Mensa II” at Otto von Simson Str. 26 Link to Speiseplan: http://www.studentenwerk-berlin.de/en/mensen/speiseplan/fu2/

and the vegetarian canteen “Veggi Mensa” – the green mensa in Van’t Hoff Strasse 6 (Link to Speiseplan: http://www.studentenwerk-berlin.de/en/mensen/speiseplan/fu1/index.html) You need to buy a cafeteria card – available directly at the mensa and charge money on it. If you show your student identity card together with the mensa card at the cahier, you can eat at a very low price. 

Mensa II at Otto von Simson Strasse 26

Veggie Mensa – The green mensa at Van’t Hoff Strasse 6

Other venues

In addition, we use different cinema and exhibition venues throughout the city for the graduation exhibition and screening. Our film screenings regularly take place at Moviemento, Germany’s oldest cinema. Our exhibitions have taken place at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien, Freies Museum or Abstract Photography gallery.

Exhibition of the MA program in Visual and Media Anthropology. Foto: Sebastian Osorno

Link for Hotels close to the FU Campus


Link to Dahlem Apartments for Freie Universitaet Academics and international students



Most German students live in Kreuzberg-Friechdrichshain or Neukölln.

You might want to book a Hostel or rent an apartment in those districts, if you also want to enjoy the Berlin nightlife.