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Profile Module 1: Ethnographic Film Production

Students will integrate ethnographic formulation of questions with their acquired media competence (digital camera work and editing). This is an introduction to working with audiovisual techniques while taking into account visual-anthropological methods, and reflecting upon the questions those raise.

A1)  Transcultural Filmworkshop (Eva Knopf, Mark Dölling, Matt Ritterpusch)


In this class you will realize your first film project using digital media. You will be guided through all the steps of a film production: finding an idea, presenting it, pre-production, production and post-production. The Inhouse class will focus on your pitch, introduction to the digital video equipment, filming strategies, the actual shoot and editing. By the end of the seminar you will have produced a five to ten minute film. Even though this seminar is primarily practical, it's aim is to contribute to the formation of academically trained scientists. To this end, throughout the course, the link between practical choices and aesthetics and anthropological theory is stressed.

© Mike Terry 2015, Berlin

A2) Poetic Framing (Kristian Petersen)


This course will be a continuation of the exercise course from the first semester. We will continue with more advanced exercises, focusing on topics such as grammar of film, syntax, framing and theoretical discussions on what a frame is. Here we will discuss strategies, form, and content of the singular films which are part of the compilation. Within this course Kristian Peterson also offers individual meetings. This course is not mandatory but recommended.

© Mike Terry 2015, Berlin

A3) Preparation of the Research Proposal (Undine Frömming)


This course is designed to prepare you to put to paper your ideas for your own research project which you will pursue during your second year of study and which will eventually lead to your master thesis.