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Profile Module 3: Applied Visual and Media Anthropology

The goal of this profile module is the communication of propaedeutic principles and practice-relevant fundamental knowledge in the area of visual-anthropological work in the journalistic field. In this module the students learn, among other things, what is necessary for the development of a professional TV program for a TV magazine with cultural, especially foreign-related topic foci.

C1) Multivocality/Montage and the Reflexive Application of Images (Dr. Mark Curran)

In-house course

Late modern critique regarding visual representation and media in general has created an environment where photographers and artists have revised and transformed photographic research practices into more complex forms. This seminar introduces such forms and locates this work within the context of the indexical association, historically, of photography’s relationship to reality. Engaging with both theoretical and visual discourse, this seminar will examine how responses to this core tenet have impacted upon and informed contemporary research practice and how such practice has sought to represent reality and the everyday. Drawing on research, informed by visual ethnography, and multi-sited fieldwork addressing labour, global labour practices and the predatory impact of migrations of global capital, the seminar will foreground a methodological framework which affords the application of the photograph as a core method in the context of a critically reflexive research practice. Simultaneously, such an approach highlights performative and disseminative interventions regarding the re-narration of research extending to installation, web-based and bound publication

C2 Green Brand Influencer Marketing  (Undine Frömming)


In this course students will learn different aspects of Influencer Marketing. Each lecture discusses a different topic regarding Influencer Marketing, such as viral video licensing, bartering deals, Instagram photography, critical aspects of dropshipping, calculation of the media value, negotiating, influencer platforms, environmental campaigns and climate action etc. All sessions include a Q&A roundtable as well and an account analysis. The course also critically raises questions about social media platforms, and mainstream marketing. 

C3) Space & Place. Theories of Perception and Methods for Visualisation (Christian Reichel, Mike Terry)


In this seminar we deal with the question of how individuals and communities perceive their environment and the meanings within it that are based on culturally distinct ideas, concepts and norms. The course is organized in three parts: first, students are provided with a foundation of contemporary theory to approach space and place questions in their own research. Second, students are instructed in methods and techniques for gathering theoretically informed data in the field . Third, in order to make implicit frames of reference explicit, students are offered strategies for visually representing the data in an anthropological context. This course is structured to span 10 weekly class meetings with 3 groupwork assignments and a final paper / project. The Theory and Methods section comprises three meetings each while the Representation section is comprised of four sections split between mapping and film/photography.

C4)  Applied Visual Anthropology in Health in Africa (Dr. Sophie Kotanyi)

In-house class (kick-off) + online, GRADED COURSE 

Applied visual anthropology can be used in various areas of life in ways that allow:

(1) The documentation of realities; (2) Exchange between groups of people that are geographically far removed from and have little means of communication with each other (such as rural populations in Mozambique and DR Congo); (3) The influencing of practices; (4) The promotion of applied research in specific sectors, and (5) The support of analyses of training practices, enabling people to connect the planning of programs and activities with the realities and interests of the involved persons.

The seminar combines instruction in applied visual methodologies with the analysis of film documents realized, some medical anthropology necessary at the background, and used in applied anthropological activities in the sectors of health (traditional healing, mental health and sociocultural approaches of HIV/AIDS) in Mozambique and DR Congo. It illuminates professional perspectives in applied visual anthropology, inspiring participants to develop applied visual anthropological practices in various areas of life, in diverse areas supporting diverse objectives.

Participants are encouraged to choose a thematic related to health for their visual anthropological work during this semester and master, in order to learn practicing applied visual anthropology in health, with the support of Dr. Sophie Kotanyi.