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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

The new tuition fees and semester fees at our new partner university from October 2019 at HMKW are 670 Euro per month. Which is 8040 Euro per year and in total for the two years 16.080 Euro. There are no additional hidden costs.

The full course fee is 16,080€. You can choose to pay per semester installments, in annual instalments or pay in full up-front (you will receive a discount for full up-front payment!). If you choose to pay per semester your fees will be 4020 € per semester.

New Students must only keep in mind any additional costs arising from health insurance (approx. 90 €/month) as health insurance coverage is required for the whole duration of your study in case you want to stay in Germany. Please find detailed information on health insurance here: https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/studium/international/studium_fu/einreise_aufenthalt/krankenversicherung/index.html

The costs for traveling and accommodation for the on-campus classes and fieldwork periods need to be considered as well.

Payment Procedure

Abstract Tuition Statute:

§ 3 Payment Procedure

(1) The obligation to pay the tuition fees arises when the student is notified in writing of his/her admission to the Graduate Degree in Visual and Media Anthropology (Master of Arts). The deadline for the payment of the tuition fees due for the academic year (plus semester fees and charges as applicable) should be made by August 31rst for the academic year concerned.

(2) If the studies are not started and/or are broken off within a time period of four weeks after the start of the studies (start of the introductory seminars), three quarters of the rate payable for the first academic year shall be refunded. Should the studies be broken off at a later time, the rate for the entire study program shall be payable.

Please read the complete Tuition Statute by following this link (and scroll down, please).


Scholarship opportunities can be researched e.g. at the following scholarship data base (unfortunately only in German, but also available for foreign students). You can also contact the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

You can also refer to our list of selected scholarships that are suitable to study at our Institute.


The German bank KfW offers student loans: