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"Meet Me in Memoriam" by Alina Trebbin

Germany 2010, Super 8 /HD, English, 5 min.

Film Synopsis:

Consuming images is a daily experience. Before learning how to read words, we learn to read pictures. But are we ever really able to reconstruct past moments depicted in foreign photographs that are someone's materialized memories? This short film wants to take a look at the limits of photography in reviving bygone moments to the eyes of the stranger who encodes images on the basis of his own memories and understanding. We add new layers of meaning to the pictures we consume and create our own truth about situations we were actually not part of but have become as their later audience. In this way, the strange viewer enriches the unknown photograph just as it enriches him, a process of silent exchange that involves more than just the sense of sight.

The film was screened at:

EMERGEANDSEE media arts festival, Berlin 2011
Shortcutz, Berlin 2011
AntropoFest International Film Festival, Prague 2012
11th Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival 2012