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Christina Rizk

Rizk, Christina (G10)
Image Credit: Rizk, Christina

Nationality: Germany / Egypt

Associate of Arts in Photojournalism

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Media

Born in Cairo, Egypt to a German mother and an Egyptian father I was raised in an international community speaking English, German, Arabic and some French. With an interest in storytelling, visual media and social issues I pursued further studies in the United States, graduating with an Associate of Arts in photojournalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Journalism. Following my studies and work experience abroad, I returned to Cairo at the end of 2010. Soon after I was witness to drastic changes in my home country as the Arab Uprising gained momentum, sweeping the region with political turmoil. I began photographing professionally in 2009 and have been working as a freelance photographer ever since. My photographic work focuses on editorial features, daily life and long term documentary projects. Most recently I have been published in The New York Times, Die Zeit, Newsweek, The Guardian, NRC Handelsblad among others.

With almost a decade of work experience, I decided to leave Egypt in 2016 to seek new opportunities and find more stability in work. I chose to move to Berlin to explore other parts of my identity and gain new insight into what it means to be a dual citizen both socially and culturally. Upon arrival in Berlin I began volunteering with an organization helping refugees resettle and simultaneously started working as a translator in the photo department at dpa (Deutsche Presse Agentur). Not long after starting, I was offered a full time position as a photo editor in dpa's newsroom in Cairo, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. After six months with the agency I gained invaluable work experience and in October 2017 decided to begin pursuing a Masters of Arts in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universität in Berlin. I am based in Cairo, Egypt and freelancing while studying.