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Lillian Dam Bracia

IMG_3414_Dam Bracia, Liliana (G10)
Image Credit: Dam Bracia, Lillian

Nationality: Brazil

Anthropology and International Relations BA at University College Utrecht 

Freelance Writer - Berlin based


In February 2017 I decided to take on a new adventure and move to Berlin to start a six months internship at an art platform called coGalleries. There I helped out with content creation, coordinating with the design team, as well as creating posts for their social media platforms, mainly Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Interning at coGalleries was helpful due to its direct plug-in to the local artistic community, in addition to an access to several press publications in the city. After its completion, I started with freelance writing contributing to Berlin-based publications such as KaltblutINDIE and Kink. Before that I've been writing for the past year and a half for an online publication called Ayiba Magazine and been active on an interactive art installation called Limbo Citizen: http://camerainteractiva.org/short-listed-stories-2015/limbo-citizen/