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Elsa Groener

Image Credit: Groener, Elsa

Nationality : Dutch and Swedish

Elsa graduated in 2018 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the UvA in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Throughout her studies she focussed primarily on gender and sexuality with a specification on lesbian identity and menstruation. 

During her BA she did an internship at the Documentary Institute of Amsterdam (DIA). There she worked as an assistant-teacher in a documentary course called POLDOX, worked in the archive of  DIA and started making her own short film about three generations of women in her family. 

Now, studying the MA Visual Anthropology at the FU Berlin, she is interested in how to put the everyday embodied (naturalised) culture in the spotlight using images and sound - with (still) a focus on topics related to lesbianism, menstruation, the body and feminism. 

Living in Amsterdam.