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Eva la Cour

Nationality: Danish

Eva la Cour is an interdiciplinary artist looking into the relationship between image-making and the composition of urban and/or national space.

She has a background in the field of fine art as well as media and visual anthropology. Drawing from a broad spectrum of sources of everyday life, she is engaged in a praxis often looking into the relationship between image-making and the composition of urban and/or national space by investigating social bodies and their capacities to express themselves in both words and actions.

Eva la Cour is currently living and working in Copenhagen. She has attended the master program in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universität (DE), and holds a degree from the Jutland Art Academy (DK). She has guested the Art Department of the University of Tromsø (NO) a number of times and in 2010 she attended the international program 'The Artic Circle'. This year she is a participant at the program for Sound and Image Culture in Brussels, in the framework of which she will realize a work anchored in northern lights research and visits to the Museum of Akureyri on Iceland, exploring the relationship between artistic and scientific production of knowledge.

image Eva la Cour

Nationality: Danish

CV: Eva la Cour is a Danish visual artist and researcher with a background in fine arts as well as visual anthropology. She works with audio-visual and spatial forms of montage and display, performance and text, and has shared her work both at exhibition venus, filmfestivals and conferences. Her work reflects a general interest in skilled visions, mediation and epistemology, which she particularly has investigated in relation to landscapes of narratives and raw materials in, of and in relation to the Arctic.

Eva la Cour is a doctoral candidate at Valand Academy, at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Gothenburg University, Sweden. She is pursuing a practice-based artistic research project titled: The Figure of the Guide: Mediating the Open Terrain.