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Bia Fiuza

Bia Fiuza
Nationality: Brazilian

My name is Bia Fiuza, and I'm a brazilian photographer. I've worked in different areas of photography, such as advertising, fashion and journalism, as well as lecturing workshops. Today my focus is on documentary and film photography. I also coordinate a photography festival in Fortaleza, my home town, called deVERcidade (www.ifoto.org.br/devercidade/).

Additionally, I co-founded an institute in 2012 to develop educational projects in communities based in the brazilian city of Fortaleza, focusing the work on children and teenagers. I now dedicate my time to this institution called Instituto Beatriz e Lauro Fiuza, and it's projects (www.ibif.org.br / www.facebook.com/institutobeatrizelaurofiuza)

On my experience at the Institute for Visual and Media Anthropology:

"The program helped me widen my referenceysboth due to the studies and the personal exchanges with the other students. Going deeper into cultural studies has helped me in my work, both to be more attentive and more curious about those around me."