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StarLynn Marie Jacobs


Born 1979, USA
Lives and works in Berlin.









M.A., Visual and Media Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin, completed October 2011.

B.A., Media Communications, DePaul University, Chicago 2002
Experience: culture and media focus, video, community sound art projects, publishing independent art/activism zines, writer at university paper, university radio station program coordinator, and official selection in university film festival documentary category.

Between B.A. and M.A.:
Art exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Fine Arts (Chicago) and published in the Berlin art magazine, PostRaum
Extensive travel experience in North and Central America, as well as over one year in SE Asia, Nepal and Northern India.
Various work/research/life experience.

M.A. Films:

The World Forgetting, by the World Forgot, 5 min.
Study of "transculturality" through the haptic use of super 8 film.

At the Frontier of Reality, 7 min.
Machinima film inspired from research exploring 'third spaces' created from the relationship between virtual and non-virtual meditation spaces, questioning the parameters of reality beyond definitions of virtual/ non-virtual (material/non-material).

Living Color Living Sound, 55 min.
M.A. thesis film.
Experimental documentary on the American Rainbow Family's 40th Annual National Rainbow Gathering. A sensorial glimpse of a thriving thread of American life which attempts to operate outside the hyper-capitalistic world of the "dominant culture."

M.A. Papers:

Living Color Living Sound: Auto-ethnography from an American Rainbow,
Thesis paper to accompany thesis film. Further ethnographic information on thesis topic is given through commentary on the film. The paper also incorporates themes from earlier work on the crossover between auto-ethnography and indigenous media.

I Am in the Universe, the Universe is in Me: the Place of Juncture Between Auto-ethnography and Indigenous Media

Indigenous Media Mapping: A World in Which Many Worlds Fit.

Other Experience:

Co-coordinator, Home Movie Day, Journeys to the Self. Autobiography in Home Movies and Ethnographic Films, Arsenal Berlin, October 2011

Co-presenter, Are YouTube, Facebook and Other Social Networks the new Family Album?, Arsenal Berlin

Program Assistant, M.A. Visual & Media Anthropology FU Berllin, 2010-2011

Co-initiatior and participant, International Group Berlin, art/activism born from M-15/Occupy/Global ? movement, May 2011-Ongoing

Current Interests:

The nature of ‘reality', auto-ethnography (using the personal to convey the universal), empathy,
art, activism and the actualization process of human dignity.