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Nora Mertens


Having a BA degree in Cultural Studies (social studies, literature and languages such as English, French and Russian), I'm currently doing my MA is Visual and Media Anthropology at FU Berlin. I previously worked in the music business -both on the side of a record label and as a band-/tour manager for an international music band-.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by people's differing realities, values, ideas and stories, while trying to find my individual 'truth'. Realizing that I was already doing 'ethnographic fieldwork' in my daily life by visually documenting and observing (video and photography) my own experiences and surroundings, combined with an artistic/aesthetic approach and a great interest in 'others' and traveling, it came natural to me to pursue a degree in Visual and Media Anthropology, where I'm improving my technical and academic skills and am enjoying to meet and be inspired by similar minded people.

I'm intending to apply my skills and knowledge in an aesthetic and respectful approach, looking to be involved in projects that help promote understanding and tolerance with all kinds of forms of expression, people and backgrounds, without being too sophisticated and while being true to my own values.