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Dusan Petkovic

Nationality: Dutch

After obtaining a degree in Film and Television, specialized in postproduction, I have worked as a film editor in the Netherlands in a wide range of productions, from commercials to feature films.

The ambition to work in new environments and to broaden the scope of my filmmaking abilities was pivotal in my decision to venture into the world. During my travels, I worked on diverse audio-visual projects in Burkina Faso, China and Cuba. In addition, I gave seminars on the “History of editing and editing techniques” to undergraduate students in India.

Currently, I live and work in Malawi, where, together with an extensive network of local audio-visual professionals, we manage to output high quality visual products, while working on the capacity building of the local audio-visual industry.

Being of a Serbo-Croatian background and having lived in countries in Africa and Europe, I am deeply aware of the importance of audio-visual communication in intercultural dialogue. As a result of these personal ideals, enrolling in this course seemed like an obvious following step.